The Outrage is Right HERE

God Almighty, they’re tiresome:

On Thursday morning’s Fox & Friends, the hosts interviewed conservative columnist Michelle Malkinand asked her for her thoughts on the senseless killing of Australian college student Christopher Lane. She said that the muted reaction from civil rights leaders about a crime with racial implications is telling. Fox host Steve Doocy added that, if Lane had been black, activists like MSNBC host Al Sharptonwould have been already on the scene holding rallies and wearing t-shirts.

The Fox hosts asked Malkin why the White House, which felt compelled to opine on the murder of Trayvon Martin before the trail had even begun, has been so hands-off on this issue which has evolved into an international incident.

Brian Kilmeade stressed that, given the outrage in Australia over this incident and their history of working closely with the United States, some official should speak out publically on the killing of Lane.

“They always have something to say about the most trivial things if it serves their political agenda,” Malkin added.


MR. EARNEST: Well, just that this sounds like a pretty tragic case. I wouldn’t want to get ahead of the legal process here. And it’s clear that law enforcement officials are involved as they’re investigating.

But these — any act of violence is something that — the President, I think, himself has spoken pretty eloquently about violence in our communities, and he stood at this podium a few weeks ago where he talked about his concern about the impact that violence is having on, in particular, young people in this country.

Q Yes, we heard him on Trayvon Martin here and in the Rose Garden. Why hasn’t he spoken out on this, in this case? You said there was a judicial proceeding; there was one in the Trayvon Martin case. He spoke out extensively on that one.

MR. EARNEST: Well, I’m not sure that — there are some people in this room I don’t think who would agree with you that the President spoke out extensively on it. I think that he answered a —

Q It was in the Rose Garden, he spoke on it, got a question.

MR. EARNEST: Yes, and he got asked a question about it.

Q And he didn’t have to answer but he did, and then he came out here himself —

MR. EARNEST: At the conclusion of the legal process and shared some thoughts —

Q Sure, for several minutes.

MR. EARNEST: — that are, I think — where he expressed his concerns about the impact of violence in communities all across the country, and he talked about the number of things that the government can do but also a number of things we can do in our communities, whether it’s parents, churches and communities can do to try to address the impact of violence, and whether there is more that we can do to try to protect our children.

Earnest fucked up by saying he wasn’t familiar with the case at first, which I don’t know why there isn’t a What’s the Wingnut Crazy Topic Today list that gets circulated just in case somebody gets accosted outside the bathroom by a Daily Caller intern or something. However, following that, maybe he could have said something like this:

MR. EARNEST: Well, we tried to institute some kind of reasonable gun control to prevent just such incidents, but the mouthbreathers who pay your bills decided they’d rather have endless shootings on which to run for election by race-baiting and complaining about cultures of lawlessness, so just fuck you and your WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT ON EVERY GUN CRIME I CARE ABOUT attitude, okay? Just because Nancy Grace chooses to make one horrific killing out of the thousands of horrific killings that take place every day a thing doesn’t mean that killing becomes our top priority. We reserve the right not to take our daily agenda from whatever you guys are pissed about, because while in this case it’s actually pissed-about-able, usually it’s how Michelle Obama hung crack pipes from the Christmas tree. You’ll pardon me for not automatically snapping to attention whenever you open your cakeholes. By the by, Chris Lane’s killers were ARRESTED and CHARGED, unlike Trayvon Martin’s, and Al Sharpton’s not involved because nobody’s asked him to be, but you know that, because you’re not actually as stupid as your viewers like to pretend you are. I’m sorry you feel put-upon that your particular dead person isn’t getting the attention you feel he deserves, but once again WE DID TRY TO STOP ALL THIS, and you screamed about FEMA camps and freedoms and your right to own an Uzi. Please to be proceeding straight to fucking yourselves, as I suggested earlier. Susan?

This is why I am not the White House press secretary.


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