America Held Hostage Day 5


Things remain stalled in the hostage release negotiations.Rumor has it that Kevin Spacey is being asked to reprise his role inThe Negotiator to try and talk the House crazies down. They are, of course, much less reasonable than the desperate character played by Samuel L Jackson and nowhere near as cool. Nobody is as cool as Sam Jackson, y’all.

Here are a few headlines from another day of dingbattery, wingnuttery, and lunacy in Shutdown City:

The danger of believing your own rhetoric:Eric Cantor Dance wrote a memoassuring House Gopers that Dems would cave. He makes the classic error of mistaking compromises around the edges (spending levels) with what would be an existential cave i.e. Obama giving up his signature accomplishment. That’s what happens when you only talk to people who agree with you.

All aboard the Fall Cruz:Everybody hates Ted
including most of his colleagues. Like his role model, Tailgunner Joe,
Cruz has no strategy and no end game. His Senate colleagues are not
amused but I am not surprised.. Heh, heh, heh…

Singing the I need the money blues:GOP Congresswoman Renee Elmers is determined to keep cashing her paychecks. She needs the money, y’all. I might be sympathetic if she weren’t a teabagger but there’s a rub: her husband is a surgeon. and we all know how poor they are. Some of them drive Volvos instead of Beamers…

Update: She later changed her tune and stopped singingPoor Poor Pitiful Me:

2 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 5

  1. So many dumb questions to ask. I’ll try to hold it at 3.
    First, a lot of doctors, especially those in areas prone to be sued, form Personal / Professional Corporations and LLCs to shield their families from a devastating lawsuit against the corporation (and able to leave their family’s finances intact.
    If the surgeon is a member of a corporation, wouldn’t the corporation’s financial matters be open to the press to some degree?
    And 2) if Congress takes individual pieces of the budget and passes them piecemeal, wouldn’t that mean that the parts the repubs wanted get passed while those nasty things like the ACA will never come up for a vote? (totally ignoring that the Senate rejected the house measure to fund all but the ACA? And what makes them think the dems would support this?
    And 3) I’m not hitting on the right word. Of course, the parties have to handle their business. But doesn’t a memo discussing how to use this tactic to get the dems to cave, somewhat childish / petulant / narcissistic / …

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