How Government Works

Making noise about problems with Obamacare would also require an understanding of Obamacare:

First, the right is dealing with an audience that’s been told that Obamacare will lead to an end of the American way of life as we know it, create panels that determine whether you live or die, and make you stand in line for hours to get even a band-aid from some doctor (not your own) toiling under the thumb of faceless bureaucrats. Compared to all that, a website that crashes or takes a long time to complete an enrollment is almost a good news story.

Second, if you start talking about exchanges having trouble signing people up, you must acknowledge the fact that people are signing up. If you acknowledge that, you acknowledge that a four year effort to kill off Obamacare has amounted to precisely nothing.

Plus the audience wouldn’t understand it anyway. They don’t want to think that hard about it. They don’t want to talk about the actual policy because they don’t know anything about the actual policy and they don’t want to learn. If they learned, they might start differentiating between actual government incompetence and the routine dysfunctional office bullshit that results in inconveniences like long lines at the DMV. There’s a conspiracy every time these assholes get a letter about over-watering their lawns and it’s because most of them are just not that frickin’ bright.

And let’s be honest, when talking about technological problems, a reasonable Democratic opponent might respond that the Romney campaign’s major space-age advancement wasLITERALLY A FAIL WHALE, so maybe not so much with the Internet-shaming. It’s a losing argument either way for them.