Virginia Democrats Are For Lovers

Virgina is Dr. A’s home state and its venerable tourism slogan is, of course, Virginia is for lovers. Ken Cuccinelli, however, thinks things have gone too far. Yes, he’s bugged by buggery and thinks oral sex sucks. That’s why some enterprising college Dems came up with some mildly salacious anti-Cuccinelli posters, which some Nervous Nellies found offensive so thethey’ve been, uh, pulled. I think they’re pretty darn clever, y’all.

Here they arevia our buddies at Balloon Juice:


5 thoughts on “Virginia Democrats Are For Lovers

  1. Nice way to make instant collector’s items AND raise awareness. All you got to do is whisper ‘censored’ to a college kid to pique their interest.
    I only wish Virginia Democrats were smart enough to yell “My! Aren’t THESE prurient?! We better get them all down before the kids see them!!” as, you know, marketing on purpose. But either way as they say “There ain’t so such thing as bad publicity”. Not when you are looking for publicity. If people weren’t fully aware of Cooch’s creepiness in this area, they are now.

  2. I’ve only spent a little time in the NE. But I’ve been trying to picture getting on the commuter train from DC up through NY (hopefully my guess at the route is close enough to make sense).
    So a couple gets married in DC where the spouse is covered by the other spouses health insurance, etc. They get on the train. Go through a small bit of VA where they aren’t, Mass where I think they are, CT and RI (I’m not sure, but for the sake of argument, let me assume they are in one state and not in the other), NJ with its laws, NY with its laws. And that is all in a couple of hours time.
    I get mental whiplash trying to get a grasp of the situation.

  3. More directly to your article, if those 2 posters offend him, wonder what would happen if he got HBO added to his cable package?????
    And have to agree that the best way to fight the prurience is either to make it a joke (like the posters do) or ridicule the excess prurience.
    BTW – forgot to say in the previous post, but I assume most folks will get even if I don’t make this correction – I was talking about a LGBT couple.

  4. Well I GOT the LGBT part.
    You kind of lost me on the train ride from DC to VA to MA to CT to RI to NJ to NY. Works like the Night Bus in the Harry Potter series I guess.
    You could click on the map in the following link to get an embiggen’d version.
    But it doesn’t go through any part of Va that I can see. And does go through PA and seems to clip DE as well. Or maybe you weren’t giving an itinerary. For those interested and not wanting to click through it seems to be DC-MD-DE-PA-NJ-NY-CT-RI-MA

  5. Aplogies Bruce, I was doing the trip from guesswork and memory. Either way, what a mess the couple would have to deal with in the law changing every few miles.

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