Fuck Yeah New Jersey

Whatever comes, we are the lucky ones.

When Booker asked if anyone objected to the marriage of the night’s first couple — retired advertising executive Joseph Panessidi and LGBTQ educator Orville Bell — a protester yelled that the marriages were “unlawful in the eyes of God and Jesus Christ,” The Associated Press reported.

The protester was then removed, as Booker continued the ceremony, saying he was “not hearing any substantive and worthy objections.”

Newlywed Bell said he and his new husband felt they were a part of history.

“We’re in our sixties, which means we’ve seen tremendous history of monumental events,” Bell told the AP. “This is one of those monumental events, that I can be here today and say I’m married to another man.”

I can’t imagine a fight as long as this. Congratulations to all those married Monday.


4 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah New Jersey

  1. “a protester yelled that the marriages were ‘unlawful in the eyes of God and Jesus Christ,'”
    Then they can just fuckin’show up and object if they don’t like it. Not gonna take some MORONs word for it.

  2. You know, I’m thinkin’ it’d be to pat some folks’ backs, did Yahweh or Yeshua really show up.

  3. Going with the article on Anti-Semantics. I don’t know the guy. But just based on his actions, is it accurate to call Orville Bell a “LGBTQ educator”? Emphasis on the meaning and public perception of education as imparting truth and knowledge. /snark

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