Childless Women Lack Essential Humanity

Boy, do I ever love it when they just come right out and say it.Oh, and fuck your sympathy, you condescending bitchmonster:

I mean, seriously, what is this paragraph even trying to say beyond “please don’t fire me Mr. ‘Femail is a Great Name for a ‘Lifestyles’ section’, I can pimp breeding for white women harder if you want!”

But, more than all the things we want, we actually need our children; they complete us as women, they are our light and our love and our legacy.

Because without that ability to spawn actual human beings with their uteruses (well, about 49 or so % of the time anyways), women would be the useless malfunctioning fleshlights Patriarchal society treats them as, amirite?

We feel desperately sorry for those who yearn for children they cannot have; the unwilling barren, if you will.

Translation: The last time I tried to argue that childless women were soulless abominations, I got my ass deep-roasted in flames from barren conservative women, so this time I’m trying to throw this belated shield up in the hopes of making it more clear that “childless” is just an attempted dog whistle for “those young feministy types that actually want to be treated like full people in the workplace and society” that makes “curtain-twitching patriarchy defender” sound like something halfway appealing in contrast.

How the CHRIST would this nosy skank know if someone is “unwillingly barren” or not? She’d have to ask, I suppose, and in that wheedling busybody tone you get to know so well when you run into one of these members of the mommy cult bent on ferreting out exactly what kind of horrible tragedy you’re having so she can cluck over it with her friends at the next fucking meeting of the Club of Maternal Superiority. I swear to God, I try not to be bitter at people who have children but BITCHES LIKE THIS DO NOT MAKE IT EASY.

The entire thing is just an excuse to hate on young women, using “childless” as a synonym for young. All the disparaging comments about how young women go out and party and come in to work hungover (and let’s not get started on how her only concept of work is Intertrode or something), and are shallow, and don’t value their co-workers or their jobs the way TRUE WOMEN who have given birth do … it’s not even so much hateful from a childless perspective as it is hateful from the perspective of someone who still identifies with a generation that is constantly getting told it is shallow and trivial and fuck you, basically, you don’t know anybody’s life.

Because anybody who doesn’t have children just wants to party all day and all night. Anybody without children has no responsibilities at all, and certainly no family of her own. She has no cares at all and can be as selfish as she pleases! For as much as this woman seems to value the workplace, she might try meeting some people in it. She might discover that the young woman who has no children volunteers for two charities and takes care of an aging parent, instead of partying all night. God forbid anybody younger than 40 lay any claim to being a grown-up, after all. You’re not REALLY an adult until you’ve given birth.

Look. I get you’ve got to come up with reasons why you and only you are superior to all other ladies in the office. Otherwise you’re just living on merit like everybody else, fighting your way through the fucking minefield that is modern work life with men and women, trying to succeed. If you’re not inherently more worthy, how on earth are you expected to survive?

But my understanding of your psychological coping mechanisms ends when you declare that I lack the essential humanity of the virtuous Madonna. Fuck that shit and the diaper bag it carried in with it.


5 thoughts on “Childless Women Lack Essential Humanity

  1. Great rant. I’d say a woman who consciously chose not to have children, and arranged her contraception responsibly to make sure it didn’t happen, is a paragon of responsibility.
    Motherhood as “an essential humanity”? Tell that to Diane Downs, to Andrea Yates, etc.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with young women partying all night. There’s nothing wrong with young women NOT partying all night. Despite all the angst-y words spilled on the subject, young women seem to be doing just fine.
    Women are not a monolith. Women have different strengths, limitations, ambitions, needs, capabilities and failings. I don’t judge other peoples’ choices. If there’s anything I’ve learned in 70+ years it’s to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.
    I’m convinced that much of the world’s troubles are caused by human inability to keep their noses out of other folks’ affairs.

  3. Also, this:
    It’s not the mothers, usually, who run the office bitch-fest.
    They’re not there to compete for the attentions of the male executives; they’re there to get out of the house; they’re there because they genuinely enjoy some adult company; and they’re there because they have mouths to feed other than their own and shoes to buy for someone else’s feet.

    I love that none of the reasons include “fulfillment from work” — and that two of the reasons involve getting away from the children!

  4. I am SICK of folks who deign to give me the “well, you wouldn’t know…you don’t have kids!!!” BULLSHIT when I *gasp* dare to comment on poor parenting skills on display via poorly behaved kids. Oh, so because I never deployed my SS Baby Bag, it means that I haven’t babysat my friends’ kids, I haven’t been at parties where good and badly behaved kids are, or have seen them go through the trials and travails of parenting??!!? Oh, wait, YES I HAVE. Some of my tightest friends waited at least 10 years into their marriages to act on getting a wanted weensie on the way, as they wanted to have time to themselves professionally and as a couple before diving into diaper bag duty.
    I see friends who relished the ups and downs of parenting, wading through the swamp of tantrums, the ‘whys?!?!’ and the ‘gold star sticker’ moments…I’m in awe.
    But, in general, out and about: unlike some self-proclaimed ‘real women’ (y’know, they’ve put a kid through the Play-doh fun factory of life – thank you Bobcat Goldthwait) I can tell between cry types of the kids they’re toting and I have a uterus that is still unstretched.
    Screw the self-righteous LDPR-room-using Heathers who are bitter that it’s not about them anymore. (Not aimed at women who are real mothers who are balancing the kid and their lives/relationships and not assailing childless women)

  5. Some even up the ante – I had one of this type of “lady” tell me I had no idea what it was so be a parent, since I only had one child. I did not feel that being a single parent responsible for *everything* was easier than she staying home with a good paycheck and benefits from her husband. If I’d had more than one kid then I would have been evil for getting foodstamps that time back in 1985. Fuck these people, you can’t win.

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