Don Zimmer?

The Jersey Bridge Too Far scandal is heating up. I’m a bit baffled by the news that Don (Popeye) Zimmer the former Bosox and Cubs manager is now Mayor of Hoboken. Did Sinatra’s ghost put in the fix for him or something? I never knew Zim was into politics. Of course, like Christie he’s no blow dried motherfucker but who’da thunk a tobacco chewer could get elected to anything in 2014:

Don Zimmer as Boston Red Sox manager
I just took another look at my boy Steve Kornacki’s piece about theHoboken Shakedown. I seem to be having anEmily Litellamoment since the Mayor is a woman named Dawn Zimmer, not the baseball man who Bill James once memorably described as “ugly as boiled sin.”

Never mind.

3 thoughts on “Don Zimmer?

  1. Given Christie’s approach to politics (hint: bull, chinashop) it isn’t a stretch to imagine Don Zimmer as an NJ Mayor. Same blunt approach needed as he used to do in the baseball dugout.

  2. Emily Litella…and Roseanne Rosannadanna — who was always answering a question from “a Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey.” Except for the time when it was Mrs. Richard Feder…and once Mr. Feder relocated to Mt. St. Helens…

  3. No one mentioned the blind bull rush at Pedro Martinez. So I will! Also too, Bill Lee called him a gerbil, mainly because of his size. Finally, Don Zimmer had to have a metal plate put in his head after a “Beaning” prior to helmets being required.

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