Martin Luther King was a radical who opposed the Vietnam War, and was murdered while he was supporting the rights of sanitation workers to organize. He was also the healer and conciliator most folks are talking about today. It’s possible to be both but that’s too hard for the MSM to wrap its head around as we were reminded after the passing of Nelson Mandela.

There are two must read MLK pieces at Salon today. First, Joan Walsh on The Radical MLK we need today. Second, David L. Chappell on how hard it was to get this holiday through Congress.

I’m feeling terse today, so I’ll give U2 the last word:

2 thoughts on “MLK Day

  1. For the rest of my life I will remember U2 performing “Pride” in front of a packed Omni in Atlanta during the 1986 Amnesty International tour. It was, literally, a religious experience.

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