Did Russell Crowe Lose a Bet?

Every time I see a preview for Noah, I assume it’s a parody, like that Jack Reacher thing (that was a parody, right?), but then again:

How did Russell Crowe spend his weekend? By asking the pope to go see his new movie “Noah,” of course.

The star of the upcoming biblical epic sent a few tweets pleading with Pope Francis to go see the bold retelling of Noah’s Ark.

Russell Crowe has, of course, been in a ton of total crap as well as Cinderella Man and Master & Commander, so it’s not like his record is unblemished. STILL.


4 thoughts on “Did Russell Crowe Lose a Bet?

  1. Jack Reacher is a hell of a good movie. You take that back…
    He also was in that stupid Les Mis movie looking like he was two guys short of making Rice Krispies…

  2. Well, he wanted to make another sea captain movie, I guess.
    But a ship without weapons (other than copious amounts of animal poop) is a pretty boring vessel.

  3. He was SO BAD in Les Mis. The part wasn’t in his range, and it made absolutely no sense to have him play Javert if he had to sing.

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