Breed for the Reich!

For fuck’s sake:

The state of Kentucky is now defending its right to prohibit same-sex marriage with an unconventional stance: Procreation, the purview of heterosexual couples, is good for the economy, so the state has an obligation to ban gay marriage.

Lawyers for the state filed a brief last week after a federal judge ruled it must recognize gay marriages from other states. The lawyers argued opposite-sex married couples recoup the state for the tax benefits they recieve by procreating and thereby improving the state’s economy. Same-sex couples, they argued, do not.

“Same-sex couples are materially different from traditional man-woman couples. Only man-woman couples can naturally procreate,” the lawyers wrote. “Fostering procreation serves a legitimate economic interest that is rationally related to the traditional man-woman marriage model.

Yes. Breed, ladies! Breed for the state! That’s a compelling argument.

What the fuck is Kentucky on about here? Kentucky must grow its own workers? Because everybody born in Kentucky stays there and contributes? Because that’s the only way you grow your economy? I don’t know how on earth … I mean, whatever, it’s obviously a ruse to cover their bigotry, but I’ve had more logical arguments with Claire and she can’t talk.