‘United We Ball’

Because I’m 12 years old:

Despite the health concerns, Zucker and Buckyballs became a cause célèbre on the right. An opinion column in the Wall Street Journal last November decried the “irrational federal war on Buckyballs.” Reason Magazine recently ran a feature on the federal government’s “vendetta against the creator of Buckyballs.” Zucker also appeared on Fox News, where he was feted as a small businessman fighting “government overreach.”

Zucker now runs a website, Unitedweball.org, that sells products “to support the legal battle of one individual against government.” The site claims that “the government’s case against Buckyballs will have severe, far-reaching ramifications for the future of American businesses and consumers.” The site’s wares include larger versions of Buckyballs, called Liberty Balls and the Ball of Rights.

Is there anything more inherently conservative these days than a toy called LIBERTY BALLS?


5 thoughts on “‘United We Ball’

  1. I was really confused too, Darrel, until I figured out buckyballs =/= buckministerfullerines.

  2. The commentary at HuffPost has a strong majority for this proposition: It’s all the parents’ fault, so leave poor BuckyBalls aloooooone!

  3. I get the humor, but to be clear, the problem is not with buckyballs. It is with the genius that decided to make them out of strong magnets – side effect is that if you swallow a couple, they can damage the intestinal wall by squeezing between two of them.

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