What I Want For My Birthday

I've gotten to the age where I'd rather not celebrate my birthday. I'm as coy at discussing my exact age as Lucille Ball and I cherish friends who are older than me: Hi Craig, Mark, and Russ. I know that once I become really old that will change but for now I embrace the cryptic.

Another thing I embrace is First Draft and our remarkable readers. When Athenae invited me aboard nearly 5 years ago I was honored. Writing for you lot has kept me sane or at least as sane as I'll ever get. So, here's what I want for my birthday, please hit the tip jar and give some dosh to First Draft. We're good enough to get paid for what we do here but we do it for love, not for the love for money. So, if you have some spare change please send it our way. I promise not to embezzle it but I cannot vouch for the deeply corrupt Della Street.

Jeez, this is sounding like a PBS or NPR tin-cup rattling fundraising appeal. One difference is that we don't have any mugs with Oscar, Claire, or Kick's mugs thereon but I'm trying not to mug you with reality or some such shit. Damn, this post was an enormous digression regression. Anyway, CLICK HERE.

I'll let my fellow Leo, Jerry Garcia have the last word. This is my favorite Dead song and I can't get it out of my head:


Of course, if someone wanted to buy me some food or adult libations, I wouldn't object. Told you that I was deeply corrupt…

3 thoughts on “What I Want For My Birthday

  1. Happy B’day, to a true non-malaka (anti-malaka?). Please accept my humble Pay-Pal contribution, and next time I’m proximate, I’ll also happily pay for food or adult libation for you and Dr. A…

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo.
    I’ve found birthdays easier to handle ever since I started stating my age in Dog Years.
    I’m about 6-1/2 right now, and EVERYONE knows that 6 year-olds know how to have all the fun!
    Ramble on, brother!

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