Welfare Queens

We're perfectly comfortable making poor people answer for the brands of cereal they buy because HERF DERF OUR TAX DOLLAHS, but this stuff is beyond our scope: 

"Beside a roster of pier employees and salaries, Brodsky also declined to make public contracts that Navy Pier Inc. has signed with restaurants and other vendors – all public information before his group took over in July 2011.

"I don't know if we want to create the precedent in giving these things out," Brodsky says. "I want to operate this as a business."

But you're not a business! Plus, the business you are running is subsidized by taxpayers! Both Ways Brodsky!


"We are not a public entity in the true sense. We're more like the Museum of Science and Industry or the Lincoln Park Zoo."

Except you're not. Ish.


Go read the rest of it, if you've got the stomach for it.


2 thoughts on “Welfare Queens

  1. The link lost me at the point where a private not-for-profit gets the Pier for a rent of $1 (yes that is one dollar, I’d love to get even a small piece of that cash cow for ten times that price). Yet they got almost $2 million of govt money for a facelift but aren’t responsible for providing an accounting of that money. Basic principle – you get govt money you have to provide an accounting for it. Part of the deal is that you have accountants crawling through your records.

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