Pulp Fiction Thursday: Louisiana Hussy


My friend Wendar stuck a poster from this deeply silly 1959 film on her FB wall and I knew what I had to do: pulp fictionize it. The most interesting thing about Louisiana Hussy is that it was shot on location in the Gret Stet. (It was before we started calling ourselves Hollywood South, which I hate.)  I’ve always been surprised that MST3K or  Rifftrax never got around to riffing on it since it’s a swamp trash flick. Plus, the title is punworthy to the max.

Before one of youse pitches a hussy fit, here’s the poster:

LA Hussy poster

The whole movie is in the public domain and on the YouTube:

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Louisiana Hussy

  1. My mama used to call me a “brazen huzzy”, but she couldn’t pronounce things right.

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