Album Cover Art Wednesday: Son Of Schmilsson

Since it’s All Hallows’ Eve on Friday, my regular features this week are going to be vaguely horrific. Make that marginally horrific.

Harry Nilsson was on top of the world when he recorded Son Of Schmilsson. Its predecessor, Nilsson Schmilsson, was the biggest hit of his career. RCA hoped that Harry would stick to the formula. He did not. He delivered an album that was every bit as artistically successful but it lacked an obvious smash hit single such as Without You. Instead, it was 39 minutes of whimsy and quirkiness. I like it more than Nilsson Schmilsson, but the public did not even though it peaked at #12.

In 1972, the public was less burnt out by vampires. I know I was. I used to do a killer imitation of Dwight Frye as Mr. Renfield in the 1931 Dracula, but now I have vampire fatigue.  As Bela would surely say if he were still alive and undead,  I no longer vant to drink your blood. That’s why this cover worked so well instead of feeling tired and cliched as it would in the post-Twilight and True Blood universe. Fuck you, Vampire Bill…

Son Of

I’ve never posted a reissue back cover before but this is even more elaborate than the original:

Son Of Back Cover

The entire LP is nowhere to be found and the only YouTube playlist includes some dude singing Turn On Your Radio. Badly. In lieu of that, here are two of my favorite tunes on the LP. The last one is, what the kids called back in the day, the fuck you song. I hope Jude knows it:

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  1. Wasn’t this a tie-in to the little-seen and incomprehensible Son of Dracula movie Nilsson did with Ringo? I know there was also a soundtrack album that lived in the cut-out section for most of the 1970s; it had Without You and Jump into the Fire on it as I recollect. We had it on 8-track tape, if that dates it appropriately for you.

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