The Hail Mary Ad

This has nothing to do with religion except for those people who think football is one. It’s a world class collision of malakatude, sports, and political desperation. Former RNC Jefe and senior Dubya adviser Ed Gillespie is running for the Senate in Virginia. Things are not going well for him since he’s running against popular incumbent Mark Warner who was a very effective Governor from 2002-2006.

With flop sweat glistening on his brow, Gillespie is throwing the political equivalent of a Hail Mary pass:

Warner is wise to avoid wading into that thicket before the election. As even Gillespie concedes, it’s not the most important matter facing the Senate, so it’s an issue that Warner is trying to run the clock out on. I hope he will eventually support Reid’s bill but now is the time to punt. Gillespie is a no-hoper who has even pulled some of his own teevee ads. There is no way it will turn out as well as this one:

I was careful in picking that clip, I didn’t want to face torches and pitchforks for embedding another  legendary Bartkowski Hail Mary heave ho against the Saints.

While we’re on the subject of strange political tactics, let’s take a brief look at Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue who is attacking Michelle Nunn for her father’s vote for the Panama Canal Treaty:

“We’re being sold the same bill of goods by my opponent. She’s trying to say ‘Oh no, I’m going to go to Washington and work together with the other side like my daddy did.’

“I want the Panama Canal back, y’all. You know, I remember. I remember in 2008 when Sam Nunn stood up and gave on TV – and it’s on YouTube right now, you can see it. Go look at what Sam Nunn said about our commander in chief. He said Barack Obama will open up a new day for America. He’ll protect our military. He’ll be good to our veterans.”

This is a totally surreal tactic since the vote was 36 fucking years ago. Plus, Sam Nunn is still popular with older voters in Georgia and it was 36 fucking years ago. Perhaps Perdue has the Carter administration on his mind because Grandson of Jimmy, Jason Carter, is waging a spirited campaign for the governorship.

The main reason this is such a weird attack is that this race is a toss-up that’s likely to go to a run-off. Nunn seems to have some momentum because Perdue was an out-sourcing motherfucker in his business career, but a Republican has to be favored in a January run-off. Besides, the only way the US is getting the Panama Canal back is by force of arms. We didn’t attack the Canal Zone when Poppy Bush sent troops after El Pino, which was the last chance for Canal revanchists like Perdue. And that was 25 fucking years ago,

Give it a rest, shithead. It was 36 fucking years ago.

6 thoughts on “The Hail Mary Ad

  1. Give it a rest? Uh, allow me to introduce you to the Republican party as currently constituted. These dumbasses never let something go. They never finally lose. They’ll fight settled issues for decades, no–centuries if they need to. The Panama Canal “giveaway” might as well have been yesterday for the fights they’re still fighting; e.g. civil rights, voting rights, slavery, women’s rights, social security, medicaid and so forth.

    As stupid as Perdue’s Panama Canal talking point is, he knows for sure there are people in Georgia nodding and frowning about this “outrage,” who can be counted on to troop off to the polls and pull the lever for him, because arglebargle get the Canal back.

    1. Funny how many times I’ve heard the right wing complain that the left keeps blaming Bush for Iraq and needs to give it a rest. But still hear them booing W. Clinton. And how that really picked up now that the Clintons have spoken in favor of candidates in Iowa.

  2. I can dream can’t I? I really think Perdue’s shtick is weird because it feels desperate. The 25 people who give a shit are already voting for him.

    1. You can indeed dream, and yes, it should be pointed out and said aloud. We know the folks in the popular media sure as the world aren’t going to tell Mr. Perdue to give it a rest.

      The Panama Canal? Really, David?

  3. My Senator submitted that bill to strip the billion dollar industry of the NFL of their phony non profit status. I am proud of her for doing so.

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