Quote Of The Day: Another Huck Upchuck Edition

No, this is not a quote from my NOLA friend Jimmy Huck’s blog, it’s just another dumbshit comment from former Arkansas Governor,GOP also-ran, and wingnut insult comedian Mike Huckabee:

Because the fact is we don’t like to do things by ourselves. We really don’t. Guys like to go fishing with other men. They like to go hunting with other men. Women like to go to the restroom with other women. I don’t get that. I can tell you this much: if I ever say, ‘I have to go to the restroom’ and some guy says, ‘I’ll go with you,’ he ain’t goin’ with me. That much I know.

Ain’t no war on women happenin’ here, y’all. Notice how Huckabee makes a sexist quip and then adds a homophobic joke as the cherry on the shit sundae? In the immortal words of Lisa Loopner, “he’s so funny I forgot to laugh.”

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