A Well-Informed Electorate

Apropos of nothing, here are “more top stories” from CNN right now:

I think my favorite is the guy who told CNN he “had no clue.” Because if the jokes write themselves then that’s more time for me to watch football.


4 thoughts on “A Well-Informed Electorate

  1. Most powerful celebrity babies?

    Wha’ tha fuck?

    In its dive to the bottom chasing Fox, it seems CNN has not only reached bottom, but has smashed through it. What mental defective thought up that one? Even People magazine would have thought twice about something as ridiculous as that.

    Bad enough that it’s a wholly manufactured story, but it’s much, much worse that some sorry-assed excuse for an editor then decided it was “news.” So, when does CNN start running its new feature, “Ow, My Balls!?”

  2. And the week after the election, the last 2 days of news has been about how the apocalyptic killer arctic storm from Mars is dumping snow on the midwest.

    Now, I’ll admit that the snow that hit central South Carolina about a week ago was earlier than usual. Living in the midwest I’ll admit that this week is a couple of weeks early for a noticeable snow.

    But news is reporting that a full foot of snow on Minesotta (doesn’t Minnesota call a foot of snow by the name “August” ?)

  3. Or the local TV News facebook page just tonight put up an article that Obama is in favor of Net Neutrality, what do you think…?

    3/4 of the respondents are how we don’t need the govt (or Obama) making laws that interfere with our open access to the internet.


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