Reach for Higher Ground: The Newsroom Thread


I know, okay? I know how hip it is to hate the show, and I know how Will is a tool, and everything. But how long have we been waiting for somebody else to say it?

Spoilers within.

Quick takes: Of course Maggie joined the Crossfit cult, or whatever that is. That’s the kind of workout I need, where someone mean yells at me that I’m a pussy and to give her 20 more of whatever that was.

I love Elliott. I mean, all of them really but Elliott because there’s this wonderful kind of stillness about him, like he’s who you’d call to bring you soup when you were sick and he would sit there and talk about nothing so you could fall asleep.

Will’s willingness to take a flyer on Neal’s ideas is a great thing. I have done that espionage bullshit precisely once, I can tell you, where I went to pick something up from someone I don’t know who the hell and it turned out to be real. That’s not reporting, but it does happen.

“He got knocked down. You didn’t get taller.” CHARLIE.

No Leona in person? Boo. Though I am coming around to liking Reese a whole lot.

So glad they’re giving Dev Patel more to do, even if what they’re doing is making him Glenn Greenwald.

Can you imagine coverage of things, like this? Can you imagine Wolf Blitzer NOT screaming every ten minutes that “we don’t know if this is true but we’re gonna tell you anyway?” I can imagine it and it doesn’t look like a broadcast that makes me throw shoes at the TV.

(I am not allowed to watch the news at home anymore because of the violence that threatens to ensue every time.)

What you do is you go where everybody isn’t, a la Maggie at the precinct. If everybody’s looking in one direction you turn around physically and look elsewhere. If everybody’s at the front you go around the back. And what you find is a story you wouldn’t be getting from the canned, press-release presentations into the microphones.

I can’t tell you how many times this works, in real life. You can’t catch up. You can play dump-and-chase all you want, but you won’t get ahead that way. All you’re doing then is playing not to lose, and that’s not how you win. You win by being where somebody isn’t, by looking where they’re not. Being ahead isn’t trying to get where somebody else has already been.


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  1. We watched it this evening. I thought it was an exciting fast moving episode. And next week we get to see Jane Fonda *and* Marica Gay Harden. Woot.

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