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Thanksgiving with Kick this year meant Mr. A and I hosting, in our not over-large hole in the wall, both sets of new grandparents, my sister, some wonderful friends of ours and their daughter. I abandoned the idea of a traditional sit-down dinner, laid out all the food buffet-style, told everybody to eat whenever and get their own damn beer. I will never be an official grown-up.

It was hardly the most we’ve ever had in this house, though. For our 10th anniversary we crammed I think 30 in here, with most of the food/booze happening out on our tiny back deck.

What’s the largest number of people you’ve ever had over?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. We often hosted the newsroom at the newsroom. The kids were usually stuck on campus without a good meal. We would do that on Thanksgiving and Easter. Figure about 25 people, but it was at least a bigger place…

  2. I think the most we’ve ever hosted was about two dozen. We have four big parties every year: Russian Easter, a Hawaiian Luau, a Christmas party and a Christmas cookie tree decorating party. Naturally, they’re all buffet style. One of the best things we ever did was get a second small sink put in our kitchen island. We fill it with ice and lots of drinks, champagne or tropical cocktails. Everyone knows where we keep the glasses.

  3. count? my cousin, i + assorted helping hands did holidays in the grandparents bungalow’s little kitchen + old stove fine for t day + more. i prefer small to huge kitchen. space is overrated. we could handle 10 people. or so. my mo death w/ more for t day in the old duplex. of course i don’t think that side ever did stuffing.

  4. I have a very small house in a large garden. The house will only seat twelve, but the garden has held one hundred twenty. Maybe more. 120 was when I stopped counting. Who knows how many were out wandering through the woods.

  5. Last year our Muses parade open house was OTT packed. We had somewhere between 150-200 people. Mardi Gras is some crazy shit.

  6. Years ago when my Dad was still alive and working, my mom was working, and I was going to school and a work-study student besides we’d have Open Houses on New Year’s Day with more than 100 from the three different workplaces. This was before cable, so we had three TVs in three rooms showing the Orange, Rose, Cotton and Sugar Bowls throughout the day. Made five pans of quiche, two crockpots of chili, trays and trays of cold cuts (we sliced our own ham with a meat slicer), and lots of beer and booze and soda.

    It’s a 2,400sf house with pool and decks, so people didn’t trip over one another.

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