Odds & Sods: Show Of Hands Edition

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There’s so much going on of late that I decided it was time to get all oddsy and sodsy with you. The bad news is moving at such a breakneck pace that I want to make like the Arctic Monkeys:

Okay, now that I’ve shown I’m not entirely a relic, on with the show this is it:

Show Of Hands: I’ve been impressed that the post-Ferguson protests have such legs as it were. I’m particularly proud of the Rams Five and their dramatic entrance to last Sunday’s game:

Raiders Rams Football

It took a lot of Ed Balls to do this in the conformist world of professional football and there’s been backlash from the St. Louis po-po union, headed up by some boor named Boorda, as well as more malakatude from professional asshole Mike Ditka. He should probably stop saying so much stupid shit or he may well swallow his mustache.

I’m glad the Rams players protested so publicly. Hopefully the owners won’t take it out on them in the future; as for payback from the local heat, there are rumors that the Rams are headed back to Los Angeles where they belong. Or are the Raiders moving back? What’s next? The Cardinals moving back to St Louis? Maybe the NFL will end up with a team in Canton where Bulldogs fans remain livid over losing their team. I made that bit up. Canton hasn’t had an NFL franchise since 1926…

I Can’t Breathe: I don’t shock easily but the grand jury non-decision in the Eric Garner choking case left me gobsmacked by their gobshitery. In some ways, this is more appalling than the Ferguson fiasco. In this instance, there’s video showing the copper applying a chokehold to the guy who was selling loosies. So, someone died for selling cigarettes-instead of from smoking them- and was killed by a cop in violation of NYPD’s own policy. That just ain’t right.

The Garner case has given us yet another example of wingnut hypocrisy. The wingers are horrified by Michael Brown but some are arguing that Garner was a victim of the “nanny state.”  Sometimes I think that wingnuts played football with leather helmets like the Canton Bulldogs…

The only light at the end of the cops killing large black dudes tunnel is that the Justice Department is investigating both the Ferguson and Staten Island cases. As a New Orleanian, all I can is say is: remember the Danziger Bridge case, which was brought by the Feds after the ball was dropped locally.

I have to give the New York Daily News props for this front page:


There’s nothing quite like a tabloid front page to nail a story like this. Well done, youse guys. I almost said y’all but that was too Southern for Noo Yawk.  More nonsensical natterings after da break, y’all/youse…

 The Me Constitution: The MSM’s favorite brogressive GOP politician, Senator Aqua Buddha announced that he’s running for re-election to the Senate:

Paul said in a press release Tuesday that he hopes to continue “the task of repairing and revitalizing our great nation” in the Senate.

Paul is also considering running for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. His team believes there are ways around a Kentucky law that seems to prohibit running for Senate re-election and president at the same time.

Okay, so I exaggerated on the whole me constitution thing, it’s a state law that prevents Senator/Doctor Paul from running for 2 federal offices at once. But the principle is the same: Aqua Buddha is for “strict constructionism” for others, but not for himself. Imagine the outcry if a Democratic Senator did the same thing: at least the fix was already in for LBJ in 1960 and Holy Joe in 2000 when they ran for both the Senate and the Vice Presidency. The Democrats still control one house of the state lege, and they’re not inclined to change the law, hence the finagle.

Funny thing that Senator Aqua Buddha’s fellow conservatives aren’t as outraged by this as they are by “Emperor” Obama’s executive order on immigration. Consistency, of course, is only expected of liberals by the punditocracy. Hey, Rand spoke at Howard, hates drones and favors reigning in the NSA by statute. The Brogressive/Libertarian narrative collapses because Aqua Buddha is now against the current NSA bill because it isn’t pure enough. If he wants purity, he should take Amie and listen to some Pure Prairie League. Good night, nurse, as Archie Bunker used to say.

I linked to the Pierce post, which is more about Paul’s un-Brogressive opposition to net neutrality, because of its awesome headline: Kentucky Fraud, Chicken:  Rand Paul’s Great Deception.  That, in turn, reminded me of this King Crimson song:

“Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary” indeed.

We live in a Randcentric world and whatever Aqua Buddha wants, Aqua Buddha gets much like the lady in the old show tune:

NOLA Reading List:  I haven’t handed out any reading assignments in a few weeks but there are a few stories I’d like to steer you to:

First, a stellar piece at TPM by Kat Stoeffel about the intersection of crime, sex, and gentrification in the Bywater neighborhood, which the Krewe of Spank dubbed Hipsterland earlier this year.

Second, an eight-part series by the New Orleans Advocate about corporate welfare and tax inducements given to businesses for doing bidness in the Gret Stet of Louisiana. It’s aptly titled Giving Away Louisiana. The stuff about “Hollywood South” is especially egregious. As a taxpayer, I’m subsidizing the Duck Dynasty pukes…

Finally, it’s time to circle back to the post title. Show of Hands is a fine British folk rock combo and I’ll give them the last word:


6 thoughts on “Odds & Sods: Show Of Hands Edition

  1. Yes, the Advocate series is very good. I’m of mixed feelings about the film industry credits…sure, I can’t stand the Duck Dynasty mopes either, but a while back I hung out with some drama/theater types around here who might well be benefiting from the steady work.

    The Enterprise Zone boondoggle caught my eye — guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    And, of course it’s nice to have some proof that there’s no such thing as “small government” conservatism. They money’s going to flow/slosh around, and it’s only a question of which political faction holds power as to where. Duh.

  2. Pssst! There’s no such thing as the brogressive Rand Paul fanboi contingent. They reside in the same corner of fantasyland as moderate or reasonable Republicans and responsible gun owners.

  3. I’ve never commented here before, but, I love what you all are doing here. I’ve never actually met some one with the same beliefs that I have (I’m so sheltered) it’s actually overwhelming to see that I’m not the only one who thinks these things. Thanks!

    1. @jwbtres: Thanks for the kind words. Please comment again. We love hearing from our readers. Just realized you’re one of my Twitter peeps. Wilkommen, bienvenue and all that shit.

      @mellowjohn: Ditka took a mediocre Saints team and made them terrible. The Bears declined as soon as Buddy Ryan left to coach the eagles. Ditka is a malaka. Pure and simple. Very simple.

  4. a) Ditka’s raging ego destroyed a Bears team that should have competed for several more Super Bowls. He now an endorsement whore for anyone in Chicago with enough $$$ to get him to shill for their product. For the life of me, i can’t fathom why anyone pays any attention to anything he has to say.
    2) Re: angry Canton Bulldog fans. There are, after all, still people in Brooklyn angry about their move.
    3) Rand Paul yesterday tried to blame Eric Garner’s death at least partially on the high tax on cigarettes in NY.

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