No One Left to Protect: The Newsroom Thread


Quick takes: In the same way that celebrities getting drunk at bars or going to movies aren’t our biggest problems right now, neither are apps about them really. And so Sloan’s grandstanding wasn’t any better than what she was grandstanding about. It’s all just noise.

Spending $700,000 to develop a promo spot while pleading poverty when it comes to news is one of those things media execs fucking excel at.

I know six guys like that digital reporter person, but none of them work on the Internet. They all cover sports, or the suburbs. Fuck that guy.

Mack’s hair is getting better and Sloan’s is getting worse.

Maggie, what are you doing? Maggie, come back. Maggie, you don’t need his sad puppy stupidity. Maggie, maybe Tess is your destiny SHUT UP I’LL BE OVER HERE WITH THE FANFIC.

Don learned how to be good, and then Charlie, of all people, wanted him to unlearn it.

Remember the second ep, or the third? When Don was still trying to convince Will he should be the same scumbag he always was? Remember him blowing off Maggie and Jim and Mack and talking about how nobody could get a hold of anybody to do the BP oil story right and so let’s do it the way everybody else is gonna do it?

He got better. He told Will to ignore the reports that Gabrielle Giffords was dead, he reported the news to the plane. He got so much better and then Charlie wanted him to be worse, and that was the most impossible thing to do. Have you ever been the making of someone? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself?

Charlie. It’s so hard, to outlive your teachers, even though that’s what they for. It’s so hard to figure out how to live without the people you built your church upon. I’ve been trying to do it for two fucking decades and I’m still not very good at it. I love you all, but I would sell you into sexual slavery without a second thought if it would give me a 20-minute conversation with my grandma or my high school English teacher or my friend Marilyn again.

He was the making of them all. And the last month won’t matter, the last things said won’t matter. All that will matter is what they do with what he gave them. Will they use every inch of it? Or will they go back to making excuses, trying to save themselves an inch at a time, and failing?

It was hard seeing Charlie so tired, and trying so hard.


2 thoughts on “No One Left to Protect: The Newsroom Thread

  1. That campus rape story line was offensively bad. Sorkin basically said that rape victims should just shut up and be silent. I honestly don’t know how you can find this episode to be anything but deplorable and disgusting.

  2. [[Have you ever been the making of someone? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself?]]

    A community contributor to our Religion page in the mid-1990s, whom I helped and encouraged, is now writing columns for the Washington Times and other wingnut outlets — know-nothing columns about climate-change denial and the like. Do I forgive myself? Not really.

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