Rolling with the Homies

I swear, I think these "rolling coal" people are imaginary, because they just so perfectly fit the stereotype of the conservative jerk-off brigade: 

But what Weigel elides here is really important: the hidden assumption that these dudes actually are pissing off their political adversaries. It's a pretty egocentric notion that a liberal, or any stranger, gives three hoots about these huckleberries' displays of bravado beyond the superficial. The conservative impulse to performed crudeness owes as much to self-centeredness as the conservative political ideology does: "I'm Me, the Me-est Me there'll ever be, and Me will show you why you need to get off My back!"

These Bocephuses don't miss the point that climate change, progressive taxation, street laws and sundry other facets of civil society aren't about them; in fact, their grievances are borne out of a deep conviction that public policy should be about them. Any public policy that doesn't have them as its heart and soul is, well, socialism. And it's evil. As the old men say: "Paranoia means always being the center of attention."

I've written before about the need to see your existence constantly validated, and how poisonous that is, because you become convinced that if somebody else is doing it differently, you're doing it wrong. 

I mean, the fuck you care if I drive a Prius? Why should that inspire you to fuck up your truck? We don't know each other. You likely will never see me on the freeway. I didn't buy George the Prius in order to piss you off or even save the whales all that much. I bought George the Prius because I was sick of worrying about the Saturn of Love starting in the winter, there was a deal going on, and I like that I can forget to fill the damn car up because I so seldom have to do it. 

But that's the problem. It's not about you, is it?


4 thoughts on “Rolling with the Homies

  1. They’re the same type that would walk into a room smoking a cigar.
    Hmmm, I see a marketing opportunity: Cigar charms with a dangling scrotum. Let people know without a doubt you’re a total dick.

  2. These coal rollers also think it’s very hilarious to harass cyclists with their “coal” and then run the cyclist off the road. Not at all funny and dangerous, in fact. I’ll never get why someone thinks that my riding a bike deserves a death sentence, but they’re out there.

  3. There was a guy here in Portland who was apparently so incensed with smart cars that he got into two road rage incidents with one. As it happened, it was the same driver in the smart car both times. Oh, and the ragey guy was the president of the Portland police officers union.

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