Quote Of The Day: Golden Globes Edition

I don’t watch the Golden Globes even though I adore Tina and Amy. They look like a slice of both sides of my gene pool and are funny as all get out. Hmm, maybe we *are* related.  All I do is read Ken Levine’s annual post mocking them:

As a reminder, the Hollywood Foreign Press is a grand total of 89 critics, some of whom are literally waiters. People win these awards for being generous tippers. Considering members of the Hollywood Foreign Press can be bought, some of them might be NFL referees.

And that’s another reason not to watch. Besides, I already watch one bad awards show: the Oscars. If Tina and Amy won’t do it, they need Zombie Johnny Carson. He was the best.

One thought on “Quote Of The Day: Golden Globes Edition

  1. I watched, at least until the local station cut to news at 10 o’clock, which meant I missed the last award or two. Thought the person dressed up as a North Korean was…weird. And bad.

    Ricky Gervais made me laugh.

    Beyond that…made for acceptable background noise while I finished reading a book due back at the library this week…

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