Satire is FUNNY

Okay, Joe Walsh: 

Walsh was upset that numerous news outlets had refused to show cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad that were originally published by the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which was the target of a deadly terrorist attack last week.

Two things:

1. I see the GOP’s strenuous defense of journalism continues.

2. Fuck this guy and fuck my state for ever putting him in Congress because now we have this idea where we have to listen to things he says because he used to be in Congress, like that’s a distinction these days.

The word “satire” gets thrown around a lot whenever somebody says something racist and gets called on it. “Oh, it was satire!” Which ignores the fact that you’re not satirizing anything, except racist fuckwads like yourself, and also IT WASN’T FUNNY. What are you making fun of, Joe Walsh? People who don’t think journalists should be beheaded? Which is pretty much everybody, except your goddamn party?