Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dedicated To Rand Paul

Senator Aqua Buddha is making an ass out of himself this week with conflicting and confusing statements about vaccinations. Who knew that brogressives were pro-measles anti-vaxxers?That will depress those lefties who get  a woody when Paul talks about drones. Don’t drone or vaccinate me, dude.

Now that I’m done taking a shot at Aqua Buddha, here are two paperback covers featuring needles. The Man With The Golden Arm is actually a fine book that was made into a harrowing film by Otto Preminger starring Frank Sinatra.


This song has nothing to do with Senator Aqua Buddha or needles, but it’s Sinatra and he played a junkie in that flick and they always want More:

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dedicated To Rand Paul

  1. I love the way he tensed his straight arm up for the shot so we could see his bicep. You’d think a doctor would know not to do that while getting a shot.

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