Decapitation Day Continues

I’m issuing a sick humor alert for this post about today’s news of the weird story out of New Orleans:

The Louisiana SPCA says it is investigating New Orleans’ second goat beheading in two months — this one with a samurai-style sword.

SPCA Spokeswoman Alicia Haefele (HAY-fuh-lee) said says that on Tuesday, the SPCA received a 12-second cellphone video showing young men around a kiddie pool where a goat is pulled into the air, and one man cuts off its head with the sword.

Haefele says this killing appears unrelated to the Jan. 28 beheading of a baby pygmy goat. But she says it makes investigators wonder if there’s “a bigger issue in our community.”

The Louisiana SPCA is offering $3,000 for information leading to the killers.

New Orleans police say they have not received a complaint and are not investigating.

Sick humor following the break.

This not only animal cruelty, it’s ritualistic malakatude. I think Phil Robertson is too busy picking bits of food out of his beard and contemplating atheist rape to be the perp. I indulged in some speculation on the Tweeter Tube not long ago:

Seriously. y’all, I’m very fond of goats and would even deploy some if I had a large yard. I do not condone animal cruelty but the timing of this gave me evil thoughts. One thing I’m certain of: neither Bill Wyman nor Charlie Watts was involved and Ron Wood was in-you guessed it-the Faces when Goat’s Head Soup was recorded.

My career as a tabloid blogger seems to be taking off.