Tweet Of The Day: Senator Aqua Buddha Edition

There was a lot of chatter yesterday about a Paul family member’s quadrennial Presidential announcement. I was more focused on David Cameron eating a hot dog with cutlery but John Fugelsang was on the job:

I considered stealing this joke but there’s honor among smart asses so I did not, even though I hate him because he has awesome hair. Hair envy is an ugly thing, y’all.

The reporting of Aqua Buddha’s candidacy was lazy, lazy, lazy. Buzz words like libertarian and anti-war cluttered the air waves and interweb yesterday. Those of us who pay attention know that Aqua Buddha’s brogressive days are long gone, replaced with crawfishing on issues and pandering to the Republican base.

In short, he’s another testy, mansplaining right winger sucking up to the hayseed biblethumpers in Iowa. Just what the world needs.

4 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Senator Aqua Buddha Edition

  1. When it comes to sucking up to Bible-thumping Iowa hayseeds, Tailgunner Ted will be a natural, while Candy Randy will show himself to be working way too hard at it. Shoot, Huckabee’s been doing that sort of thing for so long it’s second nature to him. And if Santorum and Bachmann dive in, Paul is looking at fifth place, at best.

    I mean, there are experts out there at shuckin’ & jivin’, and Paul isn’t one of them, and he’s been struggling so far to prove that he’s ready for prime time. If one wants to succeed with the new GOP base, one has to exhibit a facility for being sincerely bugfuck nuts in the ways that base approves. Just being another fringe wacko won’t cut it.

  2. Rand’s a fool. It ain’t 2012. It certainly ain’t 2008. He doesn’t have his father’s trust fund supporters, most of them have left or were thrown out of the Iowa GOP. Those who remain won’t ever be trusted again by the faction now in control. I’d could spend a few days back in Jefferson county to see where the anti-tax freedom wind is blowing this cycle, but then I’d have to go on anti-depressants again.

  3. Rand Paul is gonna punt Iowa after a few mandatory rounds of glad handing in the state to show that he’s not totally anti-agrarian. Then he plays it down and heads to the land of Live Free or Die Hampshire where his real base lives. There magically he “rises from the dead” to finish second to the Jebster and now the talking heads pontificate that he doesn’t have to do well in the South since he’s not expected to so bye bye South Carolina and hello New York. He makes it a two horse race till Super Tuesday and either wins or takes the Veep spot. That’s the strategy as I see it.

    1. I don’t agree, Mike. The Pauls have an organization and infra-structure in Iowa. Daddy Ron ran very well there so it’s not a place he can punt on like, say, McCain in 2008;

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