Friday Claireblogging

I haz whiskers!


It’s shedding season, officially kicked off Tuesday by my brushing enough fur off this tiny critter to knit a cozy blanket for Kick. Her winter coat was exceptionally fluffy so now she is exceptionally mangy-looking while the summer coat grows in.


2 thoughts on “Friday Claireblogging

  1. muddy says:

    My older dog shed a ridiculous amount this year, it was a pretty brutal winter though. I considered shaving him to get it over with, but figured the stimulation would only make him crank out another couple of coats. šŸ˜‰ 95# dog, it has been literal bushels of undercoat. He deceptively looks to be smooth coated. Sneaky bastard.

    The younger dog is apparently waiting until he is done. I know she’s a shedder, but have not gotten much off her. Yes, by all means, take turns. Let us never have a week without someone blowing a coat.


  2. pansypoo says:

    erp season too? so chilly last summer, cats have been in molt season since spring 2014..


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