Sunday Morning Video: A Yes Sampler

Squirefest continues here at First Draft with 2 count ’em, 2 live clips of Yes at work as well as an official video type thingamabob. Neither live clip is a complete set, but both are representative of the band at that moment in time.

We begin with the Classic Yes lineup of Squire, Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, and White live at the Rainbow Theatre in London in 1972. Time for some Yessongs:

Next we have the Yes West lineup of Squire, Anderson, Rabin, Kaye, and White live in Germany in 1984:

Finally, an appropriate closing clip of the Drama era lineup of Squire, Howe, Horn, Downes, and White. It’s the official video for Tempus Fugit. Time indeed flies, RIP, Chris Squire: