Donald Trump Belongs on the Stage (No, REALLY)

I’m sorry, but this is some bullshit: 

California-based Republican donor John Jordan said Monday GOP leaders should take steps to block Trump’s access to the first presidential debate in early August. Organizers at Fox News, backed by the Republican National Committee, have released guidelines allowing the top 10 candidates in national polling to participate. Trump would qualify under the current terms, while contenders such as Ohio’s two-term governor, John Kasich, would not. ”Someone in the party ought to start some sort of petition saying, ‘If Trump’s going to be on the stage, I’m not going to be on there with him,”’ Jordan said. ”I’m toying with the idea of it.”

Republican voters have decided who they want the Republican candidates to be. Republican donors are now telling the rubes to sit down and that they’ll make the decisions.

Look at it this way. We would be screaming bloody murder if Michael Moore (I know, I have a hard time coming up with someone on “our” side who’s even fractionally that much of a divisive dumbass) entered the race, polled well, and then came these rich dicks saying you people can’t be trusted to like who you like so we’re excluding him.

We would rightly shriek elitism, and who do you think you are, and we would be right, because we are the voters and we get to have our goddamn say.

Donald Trump is who the Republican voters like. This is what they’re all for: A moron hairdo whose main talent is being loud. They’re basically cheering on the guy who opens his raincoat at women on the subway, because he makes decent people squirm, and that is where their interests lie.

I will give the Republican voters this: They are not cowed by the idea of what the neighbors will think. They will elevate their batshit crazy to the national stage and they will do so unapologetically. They will value what they value, and they’ll be damned if you make them feel bad about it.

They’ve been paying the electoral bills of people like John Jordan for years, and their votes are the reason he gets to keep his wealth and donate rafts of it to Republican candidates and pretend to be a power-broker. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people like John Jordan now that the fuel for his furnace is out on the lawn, stinking up the place.

I don’t have any interest, and frankly neither do Donald Trump or his supporters, in making it easier for people like John Jordan to pretend this isn’t what their money buys.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Belongs on the Stage (No, REALLY)

  1. You can almost hear the thought processes of the oligarchs who have so corrupted the political system: “Gee, this isn’t working out quite like we thought it would; how do we avoid the natural consequences of our greedy, short-sighted plans while still getting everything we want? Why didn’t anyone tell us that once we devoured the cake, we couldn’t admire it anymore?”

    1. Yeah, and Santorum wants a halo. But all they’re getting is an aura….of failure.

      1. “The odor of sanctity” is what we used to say for detecting a loaded diaper. (It arose from my mother terming boychildren as “saints”.)

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