Friday Ferretblogging: Claire 1, The Sick 0


Suck it, sick.

Claire got some meds at the vet (she has insulinoma, easily diagnosed by low blood sugar and controllable if caught) and she’s perked right back up. She’s still an old lady ferret, but now she’s coming out of her cage to play with her toys (a wooden turtle Mr. A bought on a trip, and a catnip mouse she loves).

We hope to have her with us for a good long while yet.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Claire 1, The Sick 0

  1. Such good news since somehow I’ve become attached to a ferret, (how did that happen?)

  2. The regulars at this blog love, love, love their pets, and vice versa.

    And that underscores why First Draft is my first cyber-stop every morning. It’s populated by humane, decent, genuinely good people who give a shit and are not afraid to show it. No ironic detachment or other defensive distancing from sincerity.

    Plus, creative profanity! A plus in my book. Glad to hear Claire is better. (But is the wooden turtle safe, or is it destined for slow disfigurement? I know next to nothing about ferrets.)

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