In Which I Keep Being Grossed Out by Agreeing with Donald Trump

This is stupid: 

Look, it’s a phony deal that was perpetrated on the public. I was asked a simple question by Chuck Todd at “Meet The Press”. And people, I gave a very honorable and honest answer. I said, sure, if I was doing terribly like some of these people, I wouldn’t stay in. I mean, who would stay in?

But I’m not. I’m leading every single poll. One poll came out yesterday, 30, or the other day, I’m at 35 percent nationally. 35 percent. I was — I’m 20 points ahead of everybody else. Why would I get out? So they asked me a question, and instead of saying like these politicians, I watch these guys down at 0 percent and 1 percent and they ask the same question, would you think about getting out? ‘Oh, I’ll never get out. I’ll never get out.’ And you know they’re going to be out in the next two weeks, OK? But they say that because that’s a politician.

Boyfriend is batshit crazy and so is most of his support base, but the ongoing freakout by the Washington press corps continues to be my favorite thing ever. They’re all running around screaming UNCLEAN UNCLEAN at Donald Trump, because he is loud and sweaty and spray-tanned and rude, and pretending that Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are somehow more legitimate candidates when they do not substantively differ from Trump at all. Because it just CAN’T be Trump.

Why the fuck not? I mean it, why not? If the majority of the Republican party’s racist, xenophobic, roided-up base wants Donald Trump, why can’t it be Donald Trump? I don’t find elitism any more attractive just because I find the prospect of President Trump so terrifying I’m thinking about packing a bugout bag and a ticket to Peru.

Elitism is what this is. He doesn’t belong at their parties. This was bullshit when it was directed at Clinton and Obama and it’s bullshit now because it’s about the speaker presuming that they, and not voters, get to decide. Forget what’s on Trump’s hat or even in his head. That’s undemocratic. It’s un-American.


4 thoughts on “In Which I Keep Being Grossed Out by Agreeing with Donald Trump

  1. Agree 1000%.

    The Huffington Post (I know, I know) decided to cover his campaign on the entertainment pages because it wasn’t “serious.”

    Can you imagine the screeching if HuffPo decided not to cover ANY of the other frontrunners on its politics page? Media bias! Media bias!

    Elitism. Plain and simple.

  2. I agree with most of this, but what about one small re-tuning: there are different flavors of elitism. The Republican party-leaders (“elites”) would welcome a loud- and foul-mouthed funny-hateful guy who could both win the election and tow the party line on key issues like militarism. Trump is quite a threat to the Republican machine, in that much of the Republican base likes their attitude more than their policies. The flavor of elitism that Trump violates is about not supporting all the wars, pointing out that politicians are bought, hedge-fund managers being overpaid and undertaxed. All the show — issues around gun control, abortion, dog-whistle politics — that is all supposed to lead to supporting a particular coalition where the real money is. People may say he is violating the elitism of the show, but that wouldn’t matter: he is violating the elitism of the military-industrial-financial coalition. This is what stood in the way of community-organizer Obama (who, in the end, didn’t step out of line and had Wall Street people running quite a bit). And the Huffington Post comment shows the continuing failure on the left to actually make coalitions: if Huffington Post sent the liberals home at Thanksgiving to ask their pro-Trump relatives what they think of hedge-fund managers, or what they think of the Iraq war, it could create quite a cleft in the Republican tent.

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