Louisiana Politics: Dickhead Dynasty


The best evidence that David Vitter has lost his mojo came with the release of this ad featuring one of the bearded phonies from Duck Dynasty:

First of all, Vitter looks ridiculous in camo. He’s as much of a city boy as I am even if he’s from suburban Metry. Notice how clean his duds are. It doesn’t look like he’s been in the woods with his Willie hanging out. I mean, hanging out in the woods with Willie. Now, a camo or blaze orange diaper I’d believe. Actually, Bitter Vitter should probably wear a blaze orange tie as a warning that he’s a human toxic waste dump.

The whole ad reeks of desperation. The Robertsons are associated in the public mind with Gov. PBJ who is a millstone around Vitter’s neck. If he’s trying to distance himself from Jindal this is a piss poor way to do so. Repeat after me: Vitter has lost his mojo.

Gret Stet wingnuts are spinning this as part of Vitter’s “redemption” strategy. It’s supposed to result in biblebangers flocking to the polls to vote for the “redeemed sinner.” That’s a voting bloc that Vitter should already have in his hip pocket, appealing to them at this stage of the campaign means that he knows he’s losing. Holy Hail Mary pass, Batman.

The voting groups that Vitter has problems with are Republican women and voters in heavily Catholic Acadiana. Unless they’re willing to throw some indulgences his way, he’s in deep shit and sinking fast. Or as Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI might put it:


I originally planned to call this post Dickless Dynasty to reflect my notion that Vitter has become a political eunuch who has lost his mojo. But Diaper Dave is now and has always been a dickhead, and I believe in calling a dickhead a dickhead.

Things are looking good for my side in the Gret Stet Goober race, but some folks are getting a bit carried away in anticipating Vitter’s political deballing. This misplaced cockiness inspired me to post a somewhat Confucian (confused?) aphorism on the Tweeter Tube:

I’ll give Little Feat the last word with this classic tune written by the late Allen Toussaint, which cautions against overconfidence: