What goes into creating an “Obsession” post

Hi, good people! Ms. A has given me permission to take a mental health day (week). Here’s what prompted it:

In the middle of a “Kill all the ragheads” thread (which is about all there is on Free Republic lately):

To: robowombat

You can kill them, you can bomb them, you can even nuke them, but until the magic space rock in Mecca is turned into a sizzling pile of oozing glass, there will always be more of them.

13 posted on 11/18/2015, 11:43:24 PM by tcrlaf (They told me it could never happen in America. And then it did….)

Another Freeper tried to point out that this is making common cause with daesh, but nobody noticed or responded to him :

To: tcrlaf
“but until the magic space rock in Mecca is turned into a sizzling pile of oozing glass, there will always be more of them.”

Actually that’s what ISIS wants, they think it represents Idolatry, instead of “true” Islam.

14 posted on 11/18/2015, 11:44:40 PM by dfwgator

That’s when I realized that I just couldn’t do it this week.

Here’s why:

The posts you see every Monday morning take from 1.5 to 3 hours to compose (and debug/edit spacing and fonts), but that’s not the hard part.

The hard part is wading through the muck in the first place.

I browse Freeperville every other day or so. It’s a target-rich environment, and my trouble is not finding stupidity, but having to read so much of it to select the little nuggets you see here on First Draft. Selecting the threads is only the first step. Now I have to read up to 1,000 comments on each one.  All of them. Then I select the comments I’m going to use, and in which order. This means reading them again. Then, and only then, I can start assembling the post.

Some days I do it with a smile on my face, some days I just sit here, jaw agape like a Tex Avery Bulldog, trying to fathom how these people can even exist. Last week I had one of the Bulldog days.

I’ll be back next Monday, even if it means mining some old threads for fool fodder. Perhaps in the intervening week, the Freepers will have moved on from wanting to nuke Mecca to wanting to nuke Belgium.


6 thoughts on “What goes into creating an “Obsession” post

  1. Totally feeling your pain. When I am feeling the need for a little moral clarity I swing through the cesspits of freeperdome and usually come away with a better sense of what is really at stake in these endless election seasons. Even when the topic isn’t paranoiac end of the world race war derpatude (admittedly a punishingly small percentage of the whole, but it is there) the comment posts are generally good for a smug chuckle. Take for example the Sunday after His Supreme Donald graced SNL. and the Freepers discovered:

    A) That SNL was not funny
    B) Sia.

    The existence of a musician aside from The Eagles seemed to be a point of common outrage, and her covering her eyes seemed to be some kind of weird and kinky plot that made it really hard for them to decide if she was hot enough to get excited over in comments framed in that patented mooky way anyone who has read YouTube comments assumes were written by 14 year old boys.

    In short, Freeperdom is the opportunity for pure schadenfreude. Angry anti intellectuals who assume that the world just naturally belongs to them and want to use it to hurt anyone not like them, and their continual sense of bemusement when the world does not turn out to be a rigged social Darwinian struggle that only and automatically reward those with white skin, maximum paranoia, and the most fiercely held reactionary opinions.Free Republic is a window in to what would happen if these losers ever won, and the humor lies in the immense chasm between what is happening objectively and what they believe is happening. Thank heavens – you think – thank heavens these idiots are confined to Free Republic.

    The Paris bombings cleared away that chasm. In this political moment you only have to listen to Trump, CBS News, Rubio, NBC News, Cruz, ABC News, Carson, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, or Fox News to know exactly what they are saying on Free Republic. Right now, all the idiots have found common cause in good old American style nativist racism posing as patriotism.

    It is hard to find the humor when two-thirds of your fellow citizens have decided that refugee babies are probably murderers in disguise.

    Hang in there Tommy. As Churchill was supposed to have said, Americans do eventually get around to doing the right thing, but usually only after they have tried everything else.

  2. Chiming in: absolutely, take a “mental health week”.

    I hope you don’t have to deal with RW relatives on Thursday, that would be quite enough, after all the FR dredging you’ve done this year.

  3. I took a peek anyway – that’ll teach me:

    Seen over at Free Republic on a “Trump didn’t really say what he said about Muslims” thread :
    To: GrandJediMasterYoda; All
    George Takei :
    “In the U.S., my own family, and over a hundred thousand other Japanese Americans, were tagged like mere pieces of luggage, with no charges, with no trial, with no due process, before they shipped us off to prison camps.
    Mr. Trump, unto my last dying breath, I shall oppose this madness. I shall continue to speak out, whether on social media or from our stage in Allegiance on Bway, against the dangers of racial or religious profiling and its dehumanizing effect.”
    George, you should be glad that you and your people WERE shipped off to those detainment camps because America was so pissed off with your ancestral warlords in Japan, that your safety and the safety of your family and friends could not be guaranteed in the post-Pearl Harbor world of 1941+.
    The only possible complaint you might have, would be if you would admit or confirm that it was in your own detainment camp that you were first introduced to the homosexual practice of sucking d–k. If you were coerced into being a peter puffer, you might even today, have a claim against the U.S. government. But as for this 21st century threat of Islamofascism from ISIS and their ideological brethren, you DO realize don’t you, that if they did manage to take over our Nation and institute sharia law, that YOU and your sexual ilk would be among the first ones to be decapitated in the name of ‘allah’, have you thought about that?
    Get back to me on that.
    PS – Captain Sulu would NEVER suck d–k!
    36 posted on 11/20/2015, 3:08:59 PM by mkjessup (Trump & Cruz are the ONLY candidates to which we can trust America’s security.)

  4. Am amazed you’re able to slog through the fever swamps at all. That takes…quite a bit of fortitude. Hell, I once tried to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the car radio, strictly for educational purposes…almost hit a telephone pole.

    That said, thanks for doing what you do, and no problem on the break. You’re rundown is my major source for just how crazy they’ve gotten. Good to know, especially living down here in Red State Loosiana.

  5. “The hard part is wading through the muck in the first place.”

    This is why I admire your intestinal fortitude. The few times I’ve ventured into the muck have left me with extreme nausea. You really need the frequent palate cleansers provided by Tommy T comments or images/memes. Those are like thimblefuls of vodka between courses!

    That said, did Sulu EVER get action in TOS, sucking dick or otherwise? I honestly can’t remember that ever happening.

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