The Fog Of Historical Pictures: Sheet Music Edition

It’s the Monday before Christmas and I woke up feeling uninspired. That’s why I’ve turned to this feature and enlisted the help of my photographic partner in crime, James Karst. I am so lazy that I’m even using his Tweet.

Time for a proper introduction. Remember when I predicted the NOLA┬ámonuments flap wouldn’t be over in a few days? There was an instant Federal lawsuit filed to stop the toppling. The Judge has scheduled a hearing in the matter for January, 14. Nothing gets done the week before Christmas here or anywhere else in the good old US & A. I forgot something: Told you so. I love saying that.

That brings us┬áto some Confederate-centric sheet music published in 1917. I wonder if the pro-monuments folks know about this? It could be their theme song. I’m big on theme songs, but you knew that already.

Dig the irony. America “will forever be” if served by rebel generals who mounted an armed insurrection against it. Guess Mr. Davilla got carried away by Great War era patriotic fervor.