Something Even Sadder and Crazier than the Freepi

Tommy, I found your new spelunking grounds: Rick Santorum’s Facebook commenters! 

Not one candidate knows more about the Middle East than Rick

I can add that I think it’s this STRONG debating ability in Senator Santorum that has Media elites and Establishment RNC (all in for LESSER candidates – more conducive to holding the bottom line on big business cronies “cheap labor” via various forms of amnesty) running scared. IMAGINE the Trump Show (very lucrative for Media outlets btw) becoming one final REAL GOP Debate of the ISSUES.

you know I love Vet with my heart right Rick . nothing is most made my day happy to see you up there. But all in G*d will Rick, even hell can not decide who will be next president in America . my Salut and Honor for you Rick . I love Vet .

What about the RED Chines in Iowa, did he go talk with them or did he not have the proper pass port ???

So…if Sarah is endorsing Trump and Glenn Beck is appearing with Ted Cruz, who is endorsing Rick Santorum? The people of Iowa, that’s who! The media doesn’t vote for us!

I do not understand why this man is not doing better in the poles. I watched both debates, the first one with Rick and the others was a debate. The second one w Trump was like watching SNL or something. It was entertaining, I laughed alot, but thats not what a debate is about.



4 thoughts on “Something Even Sadder and Crazier than the Freepi

  1. You should have known to don the hazmat suit and goggles before entering the Santorum zone! Even at this remove I have the urge to wash my hands.

  2. At least this time around, Lil’ Ricky will know to loudly crow victory in Iowa, no matter what the numbers say.

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