Wake Me When It’s Over

Although I’m glad that some actual┬ávoters will actually be caucusing in Iowa today, I’m sick of the hype. Other than being swing states, Iowa and New Hampshire are wildly unrepresentative of the country as a whole. These are very white states. Furthermore, the Iowa caucus system is confusing and yields contradictory results. It’s not unusual in either party for one candidate to “win” on caucus day and another to reap┬áthe lion’s share of delegates later in the year. Enough with the hype.

I long for the days when the Iowa Caucus was no big whoop. That all changed when an unknown former Georgia Governor pulled an upset in Iowa, got the press to notice, and came out of nowhere to win the Presidency in 1976. That’s right, folks, we have Jimmy Carter and his late strategist Hamilton Jordan to blame for the shit show that is today’s Iowa Caucus.

I may watch *some* returns tonight but I’m not sure if I can deal with the pundits making a big deal over a very small, very white state. The Mardi Gras bubble looks more appealing by the minute. I guess that makes me a pretty lame political junkie. Just remember, nobody ever said this: as the Hawkeye State goes, so goes America.

So it goes.