Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – one-man revolution edition

Well, people – it looks like American Revolution II (the sequel) has kicked off in fine style.

As has one of the squatters. (I won’t dignify that bunch of rejects and wannabes with words like “militants” or “terrorists”)

Oregon protest leader Ammon Bundy, others arrested; 1 killed
CNN ^ | 01/26/2016 | Dana Ford & Holly Yan

Posted on ‎1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎9‎:‎31‎:‎55‎ ‎PM by BuckeyeTexan

(CNN)One person was killed as authorities arrested a group of people — including Ammon Bundy — involved with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the FBI and Oregon State Police said.

The deceased individual, who has not been identified, was the subject of a federal probable cause arrest, officials said.

1 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎9‎:‎31‎:‎56‎ ‎PM by BuckeyeTexan

Keyboard Kommandos – this is IT!  This is what you’ve all been waiting for! Will you leave the comfort of your homes and double-wides and take off for Oregon to avenge tarp-man?

To: BuckeyeTexan
Now it’s time for more patriots to organize and confront these murderers and not let them off like we did with Ruby Ridge and Waco. We have to make them murder a lot more of us if they ever want to impose their tyranny. The Oath Keepers group had differences with these guys but made it clear they wouldn’t be silent and allow another Ruby Ridge or Waco incident without acting. If the group wants to remain a credible patriot group it’s leadership has to step up now.
43 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎06‎:‎28‎ ‎PM by LeeClementineKenny (


Oath Creepers – ATTACK!!!

We are working on maintaining a calm presence in town and are still acting as a buffer between the Refuge and the FBI. We stand by our order of STAND BY at this time. No Call To Actions have been issued.

Well, dang.

And I do notice that as of this morning, you’re still home, my darling clementine – but when you get that “call to action” you’ll spring into action.


To: BuckeyeTexan


We didn’t want it to start this way, but maybe future historians will count this event similar to Harper’s Ferry in the First Civil War. GOD help us all. More are going to die.

16 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎9‎:‎44‎:‎49‎ ‎PM by backwoods-engineer (AMERICA IS DONE! When can we start over?)

To: All


It begins ends…………..

52 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎15‎:‎29‎ ‎PM by Boonie (“Nuke ’em all…Let Allah sort ’em out…)

Fixed it for ya.
To: Whenifhow


I can hardly contain my rage right now.

69 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎30‎:‎51‎ ‎PM by RushIsMyTeddyBear (I’m fed up.)

To: kiryandil


The Feds wanted to send a message to the peasants … this was it. Now we will see whether we are free men or serfs

71 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎36‎:‎14‎ ‎PM by clamper1797 (Repeat after me … there is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim)

Seeing as it’s now Monday morning 6AM CST, and you’re still posting on Free Republic, I’d say that makes you a serfer, girl.
To: BuckeyeTexan
1/26/2016 the first shots of CW2 were fired by the FBI on American citizens. There are no more free Wacos.
45 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎07‎:‎16‎ ‎PM by MasterGunner01 ( Barbara Daly Danko)
2/1/2016 – the last shots of Jack Black were downed by the lonely guy hanging out until last call.
And I’m FROM Waco, sweetheart – ain’t nothing free there.
More bloody revolution after the Bunkum Hill…


A Freeper responds to “Master baiter  gunner’s” post :

To: MasterGunner01

Who is going to do anything?

46 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎09‎:‎11‎ ‎PM by FreedomStar3028 (Somebody has to step forward and do what is right because it is right, otherwise no one will follow.)


To: Nextrush

These are the first shots of a new revolution. His death will be avenged.

13 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎44‎:‎21‎ ‎PM by sipow


And then – the realists attack!

To: sipow

These are the first shots of a new revolution. His death will be avenged.

You overestimate the support.

Look around, avoid echo chambers.

27 posted on 1‎/‎27‎/‎2016‎ ‎12‎:‎02‎:‎46‎ ‎AM by Gunslingr3
To: Nextrush


Really? The man who vowed to die before being arrested, who promised to meet violence with violence? When push came to shove he just handed his weapon to the feds and got down on his knees?

Some patriot.

81 posted on ‎1‎/‎27‎/‎2016‎ ‎3‎:‎31‎:‎56‎ ‎AM by RealDamnPatriot

A Freeper takes exception to this and calls on Jim Rob HIMSELF to unleash the Viking Kitties and deliver an Ala-ka-ZOT! on the newbie :
To: RealDamnPatriot; Admin Moderator; Jim Robinson


“Some patriot”

Bye Bye, little POS newbie. 1-26-16

Jim, ZOT this puke.

87 posted on 1‎/‎27‎/‎2016‎ ‎6‎:‎38‎:‎11‎ ‎AM by panaxanax ( Cruz/West 2016)

Let’s see – nope – RealDamnPatriot’s profile is still there.  You lose, panofXanax.
And now – for your viewing entertainment, I present – “wideawake”!
To: BuckeyeTexan

The common comment about the Branch Davidians was: “Why was a siege necessary? Why couldn’t they just arrest Vern Howell when he was on his way into town?”Great questions.

So the feds avoided a siege, arrested these people – who are criminals – when they were in transit and were away from children and uninvolved bystanders.

What would satisfy the Bundyolators here? Anarchy?

49 posted on ‎1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎11‎:‎32‎ ‎PM by wideawake
To: wideawake


Criminals? Were they in the park after dark?

53 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎16‎:‎40‎ ‎PM by Ray76

To: Ray76

They deliberately filmed themselves violating laws: taking government vehicles, cutting fences, seizing records, hacking into employee data, etc.And yes I know that other people have done worse elsewhere and gotten away with it, and I know that they did not believe themselves to be violating any “real” laws, and all the other nonsense.

But they deliberately broke laws as a planned part of their protest.

59 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎10‎:‎22‎:‎26‎ ‎PM by wideawake
And more :
To: LeeClementineKenny

It worked. This was no siege of private land. This was no pile of 70 corpses. This was a traffic stop with a single death so far.This is no Waco.

105 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎13‎:‎44‎ ‎PM by wideawake
And more:
To: Timpanagos1

There was no siege.Never heard of a siege where the besieged went to the supermarket and back, had friends over for coffee, and held multiple press conferences and walking tours while enjoying electricity, central air, parcel delivery service, and running water.

109 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎19‎:‎55‎ ‎PM by wideawake
“kiryandil” takes exception:
To: wideawake

And color me unsurprised that the Bundys did not go out in a blaze of glory.

Your keyboard is writing checks you might not be able to cash.

119 posted on 1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎33‎:‎14‎PM by kiryandil (“When Muslims in the White House are outlawed, only Barack Obama will be an outlaw”)
To: kiryandil


The Bundys have a talent for cashing the checks their mouths write with other peoples’ asses.

122 posted on ‎1‎/‎26‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎34‎:‎58‎ ‎PM by wideawakeHeh.

As as the Freeperville clown slap-fight sails over the horizon, we pull up one more shooting-related thread from back in December – Going mental health!


Attorney wants mental health evaluation for Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting suspect

Colorado Springs Gazette ^ | December 9, 2015 | Jakob Rodgers

Posted on ‎12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎5‎:‎35‎:‎00‎ ‎PM by Jack Straw from Wichita

Robert Lewis Dear’s attorney told a judge on Wednesday that he wants a mental health evaluation for the accused Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter.

Dear was formally charged with 179 counts in the Nov. 27 attack that killed three people. The charges were not specified by 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May.

Minutes into the hearing, Dear, 57, Minutes into hearing, Dear said, “I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies.”


179-count indictment/information, eight counts of murder, 131 attempted first-degree murder charges, no counts of bank robbery. The kook made 18 separate outbursts in court including, “I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies.” Insists he’s sane, despite comments of his attorney. Video of one outburst is at the link. What a whackado.

1 posted on 12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎5‎:‎35‎:‎00‎ ‎PM by Jack Straw from Wichita

All you “pro-life” Freepers – yes, the ones that were calling him a Mooslime false flag no true Scotsman – anything to say?
To: Jack Straw from Wichita

Sounds like he took gender identifying rather seriously.Super hyperbolic maternal instinct. Since he knows he cant be a mother he’s out to protect the ones that have no protection.

6 posted on 12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎5‎:‎40‎:‎04‎ ‎PM by rawcatslyentist (Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,)
Even the Freeperati aren’t buying that one.
To: rawcatslyentist


Oh, stop it with the whole gender misidentification BS.

7 posted on 12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎5‎:‎43‎:‎06‎ ‎PM by Jack Straw from Wichita
To: ColdOne

“PP was having a bad time until this kook helped their cause. He will now be tagged the pro-Christian anti women rights guy. He set us back years with this.”

Yep. Even as we cringe at this guy, the media will say he speaks for us and acts on our behalf. Meanwhile, they do their best to isolate HUNDREDS of acts of Islamic terror from the religion of Islam.

24 posted on ‎12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎32‎:‎32‎ ‎PM by Steve_Seattle (“Above all, shake your bum at Burton.”)
Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
Napoleon Hill
And, of course :
To: Jack Straw from Wichita


When facing a death penalty, it isn’t a bad strategy to act crazy in court.

16 posted on 12‎/‎9‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎37‎:‎54‎ ‎PM by PAR35

Bye, good people – see you next Monday.

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  1. And with a palpable sense of relief, the 101st Fighting Keyboards stand down in the realization that there’ll be no real call to arms, no reason to leave the comfort of their Moms’ basements and their unlimited Cheeto supplies.

  2. That’s “American Revolution II (the Derp Awakens)”.

    Never heard of a siege where the besieged went to the supermarket and back, had friends over for coffee, and held multiple press conferences and walking tours while enjoying electricity, central air, parcel delivery service, and running water.

    They were besieged with dildos, shouldn’t that count for something?1??

  3. Odd to find a DeadHead posting in Freeperstan (referring to “Jack Straw from Wichita”

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