Taking a little break – back next Monday

Hi, good people! I’ve been trying to take a week off for several weeks now, but current events forbade.

Since not much (other than the Bundy Bunch all getting jailed, and we’ll get to that next Monday) has happened this week, my being a lazy bastard plan is in full effect.

In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of the Brillo-beast, and know that she whimpers for joy.

Come to think of it, she whimpers all the time (I thought she had been abused when we first got her from rescue), so it’s not that big a deal.



2 thoughts on “Taking a little break – back next Monday

  1. While being “a lazy bastard” has many good points, I heartily recommend going easy on the FreepToxins at this point, because the Trump seismic disruption in the GOP has triggered an underwater primary landslide, and a YOOOOGE tsunami of Freepitude & Derp & Sewage is expected to make landfall in November.

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