Who Wants to Be My Date for the Friday Trump Protest?

I can practically see this from my house: 

Two hours after news of the rally broke, a petition on MoveOn.org to keep Trump out of UIC had been created and garnered more than 300 signatures. The anti-Trump protest already had 1,600 RSVPs as of 7 p.m. The organizers of the Facebook protest are encouraging people to sign up for free tickets to the Trump rally to keep the tickets out of hands of Trump supporters.

It’s up to 7,000 going now. Also? LOLOLOL:

The developer whose name is emblazoned on one of the city’s most notable towers has only raised $8,616 from Chicagoans so far in the campaign, with only 24 people in the entire city contributing cash. Marco Rubio has raised the most Chicago money among the GOP field, with $371,000 from 397 donations.

Hillary Clinton is leading all candidates with $2.2 million from Chicago residents alone. 

“I can see you losing from here!”

Original caption: New York Senate candidate and U.S. first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton salutes the delegates during the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, August 14, 2000. Democrats opened their four-day national convention with a program stressing the nation's