There Will Always Be Mississippi

As a beleaguered liberal resident of the Gret Stet of Louisiana, I can always look eastward at our neighbors in Mississippi and say, their lege is worse than ours:

Additionally, the bill would allow religious groups to fire someone whose “conduct or religious beliefs are inconsistent with those of the religious organization,” and let those organizations block adoptions due to religious beliefs.

The legislation allows clerks to refuse to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, too.

Ben Needham, the director of Project One America, a LGBT advocacy project in the South run by the Human Rights Campaign, told Buzzfeed News that the Mississippi legislation is “probably the worst religious freedom bill to date.”

State Rep. Randy Boyd (R), one of the bill’s sponsors, has said that the legislation was aimed at protecting Christians from discrimination.

“This bill doesn’t stop anyone from getting what they want from the state. I have a problem with the discrimination of Christian belief,” he said, as quoted by CNN. “I don’t uphold discrimination but I believe the Christian belief is more discriminated against than other things. … I’m trying to get a happy medium here where people get their rights and other people aren’t pressured into doing anything they don’t believe in against their religious beliefs.”

Bryant has not indicated whether he will sign the bill, but told a CNN affiliate in Mississippi that the legislation “gives some people—as I appreciate it—the right to be able to say, that’s against my religious beliefs and I don’t need to carry out that particular task.”

I expect Bryant to sign it. There are fewer businesses there with a national profile than in Georgia. Of course, that didn’t stop Pat McCrory up North in Tarheel country.

Former Goober PBJ would sign such a bill but John Bel Edwards will not. He recently rescinded an anti-gay order issued by his predecessor. Elections have consequences.

Thanks, Mississippi.

3 thoughts on “There Will Always Be Mississippi

  1. So, can a County Clerk or Registrar, or whomever the hell at some County office who is paid to take voter registration forms say – n’uh uh? Can the Secretary of State purge the voter rolls based on ‘non-Biblical relations?’ Like miscegenation, or single-parenthood, or partnership; medical records that list abortion, blood transfusion, apendectomy or organ donation, or an advanced degree in evolutionary biology? Or if a person’s first name is Sally? Or some other not-man name? Or lists Rabbi as occupation? What the fuck, America?

    No, really, what the fuck?

    Yours – from Norway!

    1. When the idiot Gov signs it, the lawsuits will commence. It won’t hold up in Court.

  2. Yes, but first it was proposed and sponsored, brought through committee, passed to the floor…then sent to senate/house for same. At each stage, opened for debate and rejection. The stupid and evil, it seems, as reflected by ‘we don’t serve your kind’ laws runs deep, fast and wide. That was my point.

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