A Trump Veepstakes Suggestion

I’m on the record as thinking that Vice Presidential candidates-even the good ones-rarely make a difference. All the conventional considerations: geography, ideology, resume don’t mean a thing.┬áThe only reason this year’s GOP veep stakes will be interesting is that it’s going to be hard for the Insult Comedian to find a running mate with the possible exception of Bobby Knight. It would have to be an unemployed soulless hack devoid of pride with support on the hard right of the GOP. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the former Governor of the Gret Stet of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal aka PBJ:

PBJ Dirty Weiner Drop

There’s already a swell bumpersticker that’s as vulgar as all get out. I’m sure the Donald and Corey Lewandowski would approve:

PBJ Spanked

Trump-Jindal: Schlonging America In 2016.

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