Quote Of The Day: Tabloid Scribe Edition

It comes from a Politico Magazine article by Susan Mulcahy, Confessions of a Trump Tabloid Scribe:

It should be simple to write about publicity hounds, and often it is, because they’ll do anything to earn the attention they crave. Trump had a different way of doing things. He wanted attention, but he could not control his pathological lying. Which made him, as story subjects go, a lot of work. Every statement he uttered required more than the usual amount of fact-checking. If Trump said, “Good morning,” you could be pretty sure it was five o’clock in the afternoon.

I once received a tip that Trump and Richard Nixon had had a lengthy meeting in Trump’s office. Trump said he knew nothing about it. I ran the story, not only because I had an excellent source, but also because a Nixon aide confirmed it. Nixon, who was shopping for a condo the day he met with Trump, may have had issues with credibility in his time, but over Trump, I’d have believed him any day. Trump was such a pretender he even used to fake being his own spokesman, as I learned recently, though I never heard from the faux flack he called John Barron. My Trump items came from all over the place—never Trump himself—and when I called to check on something, he usually lied to me directly.

There you have it, ladies and germs. Donald Trump is a bigger liar than Tricky Dick. I never thought I’d say that about anyone, y’all.

Trump reminds me of Jon Lovitz’s pathological liar character on SNL in the mid-1980’s. His name was Tommy Flanagan and he lied about everything then pretended he hadn’t. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

To perfect the Tumpian analogy, Lovitz is a right-winger who once called President Obama “a fucking asshole.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Almost as good as Trump-Jindal.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.