Album Cover Art Wednesday: Alone Together

Dave Mason’s exit from Traffic remains acrimonious to this day. Alone Together was his first solo effort and it puts the rock in rock. Literally.  I thought of this album cover whilst driving through the a part of Virginia that was full of limestone quarries. It wasn’t our quarry but I give you this week’s cover without further adieu:


The album packaging was rather unusual as described in this Wikepedia entry:

About 30% of the records were produced in so-called marble vinyl, a swirled mix of pink, brown and beige, rather than the usual black vinyl.[3] The original record jacket is a tri-fold with a half-pocket on the inside to hold the record (originally issued without a paper inner sleeve). The top of the tri-fold has a die-cut image of Mason in a top hat, collaged behind a rocky outcrop, and there is a small die-cut hole at the top to permit the jacket to be hung on the wall as a poster.

I’m presenting two views because one will not do:


That’s some fancy shit, y’all. Here’s the whole ding-dong album on the YouTube:

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