A Gentle Reminder

This is as true today as it was back in February, guys.

I am not okay with booing Elijah Cummings and I am not okay with booing Sarah Silverman (GODDESS) and I am not okay with booing MICHELLE GODDAMN OBAMA, and I am also not okay with calling everybody who voted for Bernie and is under the age of 50 a Kardashian-obsessed twit who doesn’t care about abortion rights, either.

If your dude is not getting the nomination, heckling the first black First Lady is not gonna get it for him.

If people are not voting for your candidate, calling them trivial and stupid on the basis of their ages is not going to get them to do it.

It is possible to think both that the Bernie delegates in the hall are behaving badly and should knock it the hell off, and that the Bernie voters who are disappointed have a right to drink and puke and fight and cry about it.

It is possible for everybody involved here to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Shut up, angry Bernie people bitching about the TPP. And shut up, Clinton voters acting like this is the equivalent of 1968 and some shouting is gonna bring the whole thing down on our heads.

Look at that hall. That hall looks like America. Listen to it. Listen to that roar:

And ask yourself if the hecklers are who we should be concentrating on. Ask yourself, as Dr. Professor Executive Director of the 501c3 Known as Zero Fucks Elizabeth Warren did last night, who benefits when we fight each other?

Who benefits?

Not for nothing, but the Bernie people protesting are not being dragged out by security or beaten up by Hillary supporters or arrested for “disorderly conduct” or whatever dippy bullshit was happening in TrumpTown. They’re not even really being shouted down all that decisively.

And the Bernie people protesting are not calling for Muslims to be arrested or Hispanics to be deported or young black men to be summarily executed so they can be “safer,” they’re mad because a man who promised them he could end economic inequality won’t get the chance to do that himself. Is that the most admirable thing in the world? No, but Ted Cruz’s supporters were protesting that he wasn’t going to get to NUKE MECCA, so let’s compare and contrast.

Maybe everybody take a deep breath right now. We’ve got work to do. It continues tonight.


3 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder

  1. Sadly there appears to be at least some smattering of nihilistic bozos there who are just protesting because they get their jollies irritating people. There is video from Monday of a bespectacled dudebro shouting “Lock Her Up!”, while miming shackling his wrists together in front of Hillary supporters as a case in point. Some people may not be fond of Clinton, and having Bernie sidelined rankles, but taking up the chant of spittle-flecked Trumpists isn’t productive nor a convincing argument. They don’t care about the future of this country or even Bernie at all. They are just trolling.

  2. Haaaaahhhaaa …one of the best post I’ve read this morning!

    Spot on!

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