DNC Odds & Sods: Monday Monday

Democrats in real disarray at the 1924 DNC aka the Klanbake.

John Phillips was right was he said you “can’t trust that day.” Of course, he was continuously wasted throughout the heyday of the Mamas and the Papas so who knows where it came from. It’s still a great line and it applied to the MSM coverage of DNC Day-1 as well” “can’t trust that coverage.”

The headline until the evening’s speeches was Democrats In Disarray when, in fact, the loudest Busters in the arena are Democrats of convenience who will doubtless vote for the Crunchy Granola Machiavelli who panders to anti-vaxxers. So much for purity or coherence for that matter. I think it was wise to allow the Berners to vent their frustrations and anger instead of keeping it bottled up. Here’s the deal: there was heckling from Jerry Brown supporters throughout Bill Clinton’s highly successful DNC in 1992. As with yesterday, it largely came from the California delegation some of whom were probably repeat offenders.

The Busters are a loud minority even among Sanders supporters and delegates. The heckling diminished as the day went on. I think the social media commentary about the spectacle of white Busters booing African American and female speakers stepped on it as did Senator Sanders’ personal intervention. Remember, the convention is in Philadelphia where booing is part of the culture.

Let’s play the theme song and get on with it after the break:

We’ll start with the last major speaker first because I’m all about unity to beat the Insult Comedian this week.

In Praise of Bernie Sanders: It’s no secret that Senator Sanders isn’t my cup of tea. I’m still not a fan of his speaking style: anger and earnestness doesn’t do it for me. BUT I was impressed with how he conducted himself yesterday. The minute I saw the look on his face when he was booed by his own delegates for mentioning Hillary Clinton’s name, I knew he was all in for the general election. He was mortified, which led to a full-throated endorsement of HRC in his speech.

My biggest problem during the primary process was NOT Sanders, but some of his loonier supporters. He did his best to rein them in on Monday, and, even better, he tore into the obnoxious minority of the California delegates this morning:

Sanders went on to call Trump “a demagogue who does not believe in the Constitution of the United States.”

The loudest, rudest, and most dismissive Dudebros have usually been the old lefties who haven’t adapted to the times on issues involving gender, race, and sexual orientation. That’s why pro-Hillary women, minorities, and gays have been subjected to so much shit on social media. It’s the Old Left of the Sixties and Seventies. Most of the kids are alright.

The Al & Sarah Show: Two highlights of the evening were Senator Al Franken’s return to political satire with his hilarious solo speech:

Will the 2010’s see the return of the Al Franken decade? Only time will tell.

The highlight of the Al & Sarah show was when Sarah, who was an avid Sanders supporter, called out the Busters who, of course, responded by booing her. They like to boo women, y’all:

I cannot possibly top what Athenae said about her home girl, Michelle Obama this morning except to proclaim this from the mountain tops, FLOTUS FLAWLESS.

Here’s her entire speech, she not only rocks, she rules:

How To Deal With Hecklers by Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren: Cory Booker gave the most classically beautiful speech of the convention thus far. As a former practitioner of the dark art of speechwriting, I loved its structure and pacing. It was the most Sorensonian speech of the night and that’s high praise indeed. For the uninitiated, Ted Sorensen was JFK’s alter ego and primary speechwriter. Told ya it was high praise.

Booker faced Buster heckling with dignity and grace. He kept on keeping on, which is the only way to deal with brickbats such as “war hawk” and “black lives matter.” The latter is, of course, ironic since Booker has long been an advocate for criminal justice reform and discussed it at length last night. Senator Booker’s flaw is that he’s trying to build a coalition that includes Republicans, which makes him  a sell-out to the purists. That’s how the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed with help by Republicans Everett Dirksen in the Senate and Bill McCulloch in the House.

If Senator Booker’s speech was poetry, Senator/Professor Warren’s was prose at its finest. She’s become the Democratic Party’s unlikeliest but most effective attack dog. Some of her attack lines on Trump were sheer genius. If there had been any hair jokes, I would have said shear:

“What kind of man roots for an economic crash that cost millions of people their jobs, their homes, their life savings? What kind of man cheats students, cheats investors, cheats workers? I’ll tell you what kind of man—a man who must never be president of the United States.”

She faced hecklers too with sporadic chants of “we trusted you” and, ridiculously, “Goldman Sachs.” They were nearly inaudible on CSPAN where I was watching last night in a blissfully Tweety and Wolf-free environment. I actually want to see the speeches at the DNC whereas last week, I was down with the talking heads.

Despite the hyperventilation by the MSM, I thought the first day was a ripping success. Democratic conventions are usually messier and rowdier than the Republicans. That’s because we allow dissent, discussion, and even heckling. The hecklers only made themselves look bad yesterday. Let them shout themselves hoarse; many of the Busters are going to vote Green in any event. Most Sanders supporters know that Donald Trump is a menace, not the man to bring on the “revolution.”

Finally, Paul Simon was not in the best of voice last night. He couldn’t hit the high notes on Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Here’s the song I thought he should have done instead:

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  1. Bill McCulloch was my congressman when I was growing up in Lima, Ohio – very Republican and very conservative, but he did the right thing. Oh, how times have changed – Jim Jordan now represents Lima and Allen County in Congress. I’d be willing to bet that Bill McCulloch would be ashamed.

    1. Just read Tod Purdum’s book about the CRA. Very impressed with McCullouch. He should get more credit.

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