What’s At Stake

I’m enjoying the Trump/GOP crackup as much as anybody, and the joking and clowning that’s resulted. I’m laughing, but let’s not ever forget that as a middle class white girl I can laugh all I want.

These people can’t: 

Connecticut officials believe if other states followed their model perhaps as many as 150,000 refugees could be welcomed. Vicky Difilippo, also a volunteer from a local church, said people develop fears based on what they see on the news. “Once you have a personal connection with the refugees … as people, your whole view changes.”
The parents can’t help but now dream. Hashim said his ‘desire is “to secure the future of my children.” Jumana, mother of three, including twin boys, says she wants them to be doctors, and her daughter a journalist after more education.
In a hot summer, Syrian refugee families are taken to a local ice cream stand. Along with the cones, a surprise from the owner. He hands Hashim two gift certificates for $40 in free ice cream. “Welcome to America… beautiful family,” he tells them before going back to work.

Fuck Donald Trump forever for profaning the lives and names of people like these.