Tweets Of The Day: Roger Stone Meets David Duke

Ratfucking Roger is at it again. His latest effort is an attack on Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark complete with a wink at the white supremacy crowd thereby proving her point:

I’m unsure of the origin of this crudely photoshopped image but its provenance is obvious from the presence of Pepe the Frog. That’s right, a badly drawn cartoon frog is the slimy symbol of the white nationalist alt-right thugocracy. The Nazis had the swastika, these cretins have a cartoon frog; proving that Darwin’s law of evolution does not apply to right-wing symbolism. Oy just oy.

Speaking of neo-Nazis, the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe chimed in with what passes for wit in his world:

Nice how Dukkke combines anti-Semitism, ageism, and Islamophobia in one meme. He’s a versatile motherfucker in his dotage. It’s certainly better done than the Deplorables meme and frog free as well.

I’ve never seen Weekend At Bernie’s but I know from reading Roger Ebert that:

The movie tells the story of two interchangeable, unremarkable young men (played by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman) who work for an insurance company. They discover that someone is stealing from the company and take their discoveries to Bernie, their boss (Terry Kiser), who is, in fact, the thief. He invites them to his summer home on an island, where he plans to have them killed. But first someone kills Bernie.

The young executives are frightened, and don’t know what to do. They prop Bernie on a couch in the living room, and just then a floating party of weekend drunks drifts in – and nobody notices that Bernie is dead. This leads to a macabre weekend in which the hapless Bernie is carted around everywhere, apparently alive. He visits the beach and even goes boating, all as part of a desperate plot by the two heroes to conceal his death until they can find out who’s trying to kill them.

Movies centering on dead bodies are rarely very funny – which would be a truism if so many directors didn’t try to make them. The most famous example is Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry,” one of his less successful movies, but Blake Edwards did pull off the idea in “S.O.B.,” a movie in which a dead man is able, briefly, to play an important role.

Why don’t dead characters work? The temptation is to say that we find them in bad taste – that the idea is too gruesome to be funny.

But comedy is often founded on bad taste and the offensive. I think the problem is more obvious. They don’t work because they require the other characters to be so stupid.

Roger forgot about Sunset Boulevard wherein Bill Holden narrates part of the movie whilst floating in Gloria Swanson’s pool, otherwise his point is well taken.

What’s next from Stone and Duke? Projectile vomiting? Dog shit jokes? They should consider making a bro-comedy with cameos from the pukes on Stone’s tweet. How about The Deplorable and the Unspeakable or Under the Sheets with Roger-n-Dave or perhaps The Ratfucker and the Klansman? Of course, Mel Brooks was there first with the Klan jokes:

Stay classy, Roger-n-Dave. You proved the truth of the “basket of deplorables” remark. There are racists lurking in the Twitter sewer, some of them are frogs but Roger-n-Dave are just toads and deplorable ones at that.

UPDATE: Facebook blocked my attempt to share this post. I guess you’re not supposed to mention David Duke’s name or call a ratfucker a ratfucker. It did allow a tweet link to be entered. The Zuckerdude’s algorithms can bite me.

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  1. Look fast! This may be the only time – even in a photoshop – you’ll see most of these assholes in actual combat gear. Someone with more time can figure out what the average time in military service of these 10 individuals is. I’ll put the over/under at 9 months, and take the under.

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