Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -Auld Lang Slime edition

Welp, I’ve been putting this off since forever, but it’s time to dig out some artisanal hand-crafted barrel-aged bullshit from the archives.

Since the Summer’s never-ending freepathon has finally ground to a halt with only three weeks to go until the Fall one starts, it’s probably a good time to ask:

Where DOES the money go?


So – what’s the boggle, then?


To: Rodamala


The budget breakdown pretty much sums it up. Systems and programming at 7k month (84k/yr)is to pay Jim’s Son, John, who manages the website and does the programming. Jim’s salary (admin) is at 10.5k/ month (126k/yr) and that includes disbursements to pay income taxes on his draw and accounting is the bookeepers salary at 12k/yr. So 222k/yr of the budget goes to salaries and the rest to other expenses such as bandwidth, system upgrades, travel and misc, etc.

56 posted on 7‎/‎11‎/‎2009‎ ‎11‎:‎58‎:‎59‎ ‎AM by Bob J (“For every 1000 hacking at the branches of evil, one strikes at it’s root.”)

So – Jim Rob’s son gets $84,000.00 a year to maintain and “program” a featureless HTML3 whiteboard website?
And Jim Rob himself skims $126,000.00 a year off the top for coming up with the scam, and monitoring threads for people to ban who piss him off? (plus a hundred thousand or so to pay off the credit card bills he runs up)?
Time now for some Bundy Bunch entertainment :

Oregon standoff rancher Ryan Bundy ‘hatched a jail escape plan’ (tr) Daily Mail ^ | 07.18.2016 | AP via Daily Mail Posted on 7/19/2016, 12:40:41 PM by dware

Oregon standoff figure Ryan Bundy was working on a plan to escape from a Portland jail, a prosecutor said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Geoff Barrow dropped the bombshell at a hearing Monday in which Bundy and his brother Ammon sought to be released as they await trial on charges stemming from the January takeover of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

In trying to show Ryan Bundy is a flight risk, Barrow said deputies searching Bundy’s cell in April found torn sheets braided together in a 12- to 15-foot rope, as well as extra towels, pillow cases and food.

1 posted on 7/19/2016, 12:40:41 PM by dware
To: dware


Seriously?! Pretty stupid.

2 posted on 7/19/2016, 12:46:13 PM by Reno89519 (It is very simple, Trump/Pence or Clinton/(Lyn’ Ted, Bush, Pocahontas…).)

To: Reno89519


Pretty stupid that he is in jail. Trump needs to release him as soon as he takes the oath of office

3 posted on 7/19/2016, 12:48:05 PM by Vaquero ( Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.)

Oh, I’m pretty sure that pardon is at the top of The Darnold’s to-do list.   Heh.
To: Vaquero
Trump needs to release him as soon as he takes the oath of office 

The real question is, why have We the People not done so already?

4 posted on 7/19/2016, 12:51:34 PM by dware (TRUMP/PENCE 2016!)
(waves hand vigorously)
OOH! I KNOW! I KNOW!!  Because you’re a bunch of all talk and no action chickenshit Keyboard Kommandos??
What did I win?
To: Vaquero


“Trump needs to release him as soon as he takes the oath of office”

So to answer one President who interferes with the judicial system when it suits him, we want our own President who interferes with the judicial system when it suits us?

5 posted on 7/19/2016, 12:58:39 PM by Boogieman

You’ve forgotten where you are, haven’t you?
To: dware


Well you and your buddies can arm yourselves and head to the hooscow to release this guy. It won’t be pretty.


10 posted on 7/19/2016, 1:06:55 PM by Vaquero ( Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.)
To: Vaquero


Interesting how people think Trump is on the side of the ranchers when Trump stated he would have quickly cleaned them out.

12 posted on 7/19/2016, 1:12:03 PM by Cold Heart

Details, details….
To: Vaquero
Do you classify feeding/taking care of your family as ‘Stuff’
Founding Fathers had families to feed, too. But the things I am talking about include mortgages/rent, new/semi-new cars to payments on and pay insurance for and healthcare premiums to cover and credit cards to pay and toys to buy and big screen TV’s and booze to drink while watching the latest “Big Game”. We are entirely unwilling to give ANY of that up, which makes us slaves.
Tipping point? Let’s see, it took a 3% tax on a breakfast beverage for the colonists to take action. The attempted disarmament of the colonists was their “tipping point”. Today, we have endured: 

40%+ taxation on EVERYTHING WE OWN

If you’re an a 40%  tax bracket, I’m Marie of Romania.

(From dware’s “about” page)

I remember many moons ago, a family member of mine sued his employer for withholding his taxes from his paycheck every couple weeks. His basis was that, because paying taxes, according to the tax law itself, was voluntary, he should be able to ‘opt out’ of withholding. The court ruled against him, stating that, because he chose to participate in the employment system, he CONSENTED to a ‘voluntary’ withholding. If he did not like having taxes withheld, he was free to excuse himself from the system – he was free to “Go Galt”, if you like. And so he did. He paid off his debt, downsized his own personal holdings and went mostly off grid, supporting himself with a cash based home business.

Of course, that didn’t happen overnight, and it required a great deal of sacrifice on his part. For instance, his family was accustomed to having good money, news cars, a gorgeous and slightly obnoxious home and all the toys and goodies, most of which went away when he decided to ‘opt out’. Was it worth it? “I’d do it all over again, given the chance.” he tells me, when we get to talking

(Galt Jr’s family was unavailable for comment)

Relentless regulation of the individual
Government intrusion into every facet of our lives
Elite elected officials getting away with murder
Complete disregard for the Constitution
Foreign invasion of the America homeland
An Administration that ignores the American public while aiding and abetting our enemies
A corrupt IRS
Ruby Ridge
Bundy Ranch
The murder of LaVoy Finicum

And yet, here we sit, discussing what our “tipping point” is?

18 posted on 7/19/2016, 2:14:30 PM by dware (TRUMP/PENCE 2016!)

Here you sit.
Come on, Freepers – dware is leading the charge! Who’s with him????
To: dware


Nothing like making the prosecution’s job easier for them when they’re trying to deny you bail.

19 posted on 7/19/2016, 2:18:07 PM by Lower Deck

To: dware


I’ve tried to be on these guys’ side as I come from a ranching family, but it’s impossible, they are too stupid to support.

Escape? To where? A life on the run?

Bundy is an idiot and so was the one who got himself shot a few months ago, Linnicome (sp?).

20 posted on 7/19/2016, 2:18:38 PM by SaxxonWoods (Ride To The Sound Of The Guns.)

To: SaxxonWoods
Bundy is an idiot and so was the one who got himself shot a few months ago, Linnicome (sp?). 

I paraphrase, but…”Go from us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. May your chains rest lightly, and may posterity forget you were our Countryman.”

25 posted on 7/19/2016, 2:29:25 PM by dware (TRUMP/PENCE 2016!)
I paraphrase, but…”Stay in your house and type in peace.  I seek your inadvertently amusing posts, and your inability to do anything about anything.  May your Freepathon donation chains rest lightly, and may your family forget they were ever related to you.”
That’s all for this week, folks.   Take care.
Oh, and before I forget :
I’m not fooling around here.

6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -Auld Lang Slime edition

  1. There’s an old saying about poker: If you join a table, and after a couple of hands you can’t figure out who the fish is, it’s you. It would be great to play an entire table full of Freepers, except none of them have any money. Well, Jim Rob and his son do, but the rest of them? Not so much.

    200 large to run that shitty website? Really?

    1. Actually, it’s $80,000.00 per quarter, which comes out to $320,000.00 per year, not $200,000.00

      By Grabthar’s hammer – what a savings.

    2. Rodamala here… I can proudly say I have not given RimJob and his coven of crone moderators ONE THIN DIME. The Trump shitshow on FR was enough for me, and I found a better place for peaceful assembly.


    Someone has to pay for securing all that credit card information. And the gas to take those piles of money home. No doubt the accountant is part of the family as well. Just don’t ask me to pay an extra 3 cents when I fill up my car, or 10 cents for medicare out of my paycheck – I’m not supporting the deadbeat government dammit.

    1. I love how Freepers are like the white blood cells in a logic-immune system. As soon as one entity begins to dance around a point of logic, they swarm and consume it. Logic = pathogen in Freeperville.

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